Organization Board Family Command Center

In March 2012, I made an organization board to help keep my family in order. I made it with a baby strapped to my chest and decided to put it on my blog that I had just quit my day job for. Three months earlier, I had decided to take the plunge and be a full time blogger… at the exact same time as I had my first child. Interesting timing, right? Well, that little organization board tutorial went VIRAL! I had no idea what was going on. I just suddenly was getting hundreds of comments, emails, and my life was completely changed. That post is still one of my top traffic sources to this day, but I cringe every time I see it pinned on Pinterest, which is over 500k times… that is a lot of cringing! The lighting was terrible and I am SO over chevron print and the colors aren’t exactly my style anymore. You can see the full tutorial for my first organization board, here.

Organization board

I have wanted to change up the good ol’ organization board for a while now, but just have had ZERO motivation to do it. Once we moved, I decided to finally take on that project. I set my entire old board a side and started fresh! Ladies and gentlemen (for the one random dude who happens to come across this post), I present to you… The Organization Board Family Command Center version 2.0!

Organization Board Family Command Center tutorial on

Ahhhhh… isn’t that so much better? I really wanted to bring in some natural elements with the stained wood, while keeping some funky features like the stripes and the metallics.

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Our 2013 Christmas card and the perfect gift!

I love receiving Christmas cards in the mail! Christmas cards are one thing that I am glad technology hasn’t totally taken away. I love good old fashioned snail mail this time of year. I love seeing smiling families and reading updates on how everyone is doing. It adds a really special feeling to my holiday season. I have always sent out Christmas cards. Even before my daughter was born. I send them because I know how good it feels to receive them in the mail. Every year, we have gotten our Christmas cards from Shutterfly. It has kind of always just felt like a no brainer for me to pick them for my Christmas card needs. Their designs are great and the prices are totally reasonable too! Now without further ado, our Christmas card for 2013…

2013 Christmas Card from Shutterfly

Could you die?! Isn’t it perfection? I can’t wait to show you the details about my family pictures, but for now consider this a little sneak peek at them!

Shutterfly Christmas Card

I chose this card from Shutterfly because it was totally love at first sight. I love the color scheme of it. I love that it is mostly brown and that it incorporates the black and white into it too. I think that adds a very modern approach to the traditional Christmas card feel. I also loved that these cards allowed you to talk about members of the family personally. It is easy to highlight the family members that way. I also love that I can write everything I want to on this card without having to type up an entire family newsletter to put in separately with our Christmas cards.

12x12 Shutterfly Calendar

I give my mom a calendar for Christmas every year. I started doing that when I was about 14 years old. I have been doing it for over a decade now so my mom now just expects it! When I first started, I would scrapbook the entire thing. I had to start making it months in advance because it was so much work. It also was very expensive after paying for the photos to be printed and all of the supplies. Eventually I started using Photoshop and I made her calendar on there. It was a little faster, but was still pretty time consuming. I went to get it printed and it was a lot more than I had expected! It was a little discouraging because I knew my mom loved getting these calendars for Christmas. Then, three years ago I saw that I could make a calendar on Shutterfly for my mom. My life got so much easier! I was able to put together my mom’s totally personalized calendar in about an hour. The Shutterfly calendar didn’t come at all close to costing what the printed calendar costed to print at my local print shop either. It was a Christmas miracle! Now my little Christmas tradition lives on with my mom’s Christmas calendar this year! This year is extra fun though because Shutterfly just released their new 12×12 calendar size! It is perfect for my mom because she takes the pages off after the year is done and puts them in a scrapbook. These pages will fit perfectly inside of a scrapbook!

Do you order your Christmas cards from Shutterfly? What ones are you sending this year? Do you give personalized gifts for Christmas?

I was given these products from Shutterfly, but was not otherwise compensated. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Calendar and Scrapbook of Memories in ONE!

I am an organization snob. There is nothing that speaks to my soul more than a fresh notebook, a brand new planner, or a beautiful calendar! I love penciling in holidays, vacations, and appointments in a new calendar while I think about all of the new, fun memories that will be created that year. Well, both of those things join together in the new Michael’s Recollections Calendar Kit. It is the perfect way to combine your calendar with your scrapbook! It comes with adorable cards to put in different photo slots and stickers for every occasion so you can personalize your calendar while creating a special memory keeping journal all year long.

DIY Calendar

The calendar is really easy to put together because it comes with everything you need!

DIY Scrapbook Calendar

You just put the paper with the tab for each month in the binder, along with a photo sleeve, then the actual calendar.

Scrapbook calendar

After that, it is up to you to personalize it! I think this calendar will be the perfect way to display some of my favorite Instagram photos from the year. The photo slots are almost the perfect size for Instagram photos.

Easy Scrapbook Calendar

You can decorate your calendar with the cute cards they have to put in there with fun sayings and prints like I did for March.

Simple DIY Calendar kit

Or you can put the cards in that require a little more writing. These are perfect for jotting down special memories from the month that you don’t ever want to forget.

Calendar kit from Michaels

Writing down special occasions is really easy too because of how many fun stickers are available in the kit. It will be so fun to add in vacations and any other special things that happen throughout the year to the calendar so that we can always remember them.

The coolest part about this calendar, is not only can it be hung up all year long, but then it folds over and turns into a perfect scrapbook of all of your special memories from the year that you can store on your bookshelf! These calendars would be perfect gifts for Christmas for mom, grandma, or your sister! It is only $39.99 too so it wouldn’t be much of an investment either. The recipient of the gift won’t have to worry about investing a bunch of money into scrapbooking supplies or investing a lot of time into creating a beautiful calendar either because all of the hard work has been done for them already!

This post was sponsored by Michaels Recollections. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Instagram Photo Christmas Advent Calendar

Instagram Photo Christmas Advent Calendar

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This year is extra special because it is my daughter’s second Christmas. It is the first year that she is noticing all of the beauty around her that Christmas brings. She loves the lights, the glitter, and the music. She is also starting to learn how to count and loves looking at numbers. I thought that by bringing an interactive advent calendar for our family this season would be the perfect way to help her count and celebrate the fun that we have had all year! Because the advent calendar has 12 days, I tried choosing one photo for each month of the year. It is fun to see what fun memories we have from this year. I chose to have the numbers count up instead of counting down because I am trying to teach my daughter how to count. It was so easy to make! Here is what you need to make your own…

Instagram photo craft

*Picture frame

*12 pictures printed from Instagram. I printed mine from the Printicular app that sends the images to Walgreens to be printed.

*Paper to go in the picture frame

*Paper for the backs of the photos

*Marker. I used a silver Sharpie paint pen.

*Mini clothes pins

*Baker’s twine

Instagram photo Christmas craft

Glue the pictures onto the paper and cut them out. Put paper in the picture frame.

Christmas Advent Calendar Craft

Write the  numbers on the back of the paper.

DIY Instagram Christmas Advent Calendar

Put baker’s twine on the frame and tape the ends on the back of the frame. Clip the pictures onto the twine with the numbers facing forward. Now hang it up and enjoy! I can’t wait to start using it!