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Summer Music Playlist For the Family

Summer Music Playlist For the Family

It’s no secret that I love music, but did you know that my whole family does too? We love creating music playlists that our entire family can enjoy, as well as playlists that are created for each of us individually.

I started getting a lot of questions about what type of music I let my kids listen to, that I also liked. It made me realize that people just don’t have the time to research music that adults like, but isn’t full of filthy messages. That is when our summertime playlist, Girl Loves Glam Summer Jams was born. Everyone deserves to have access to a good, family friendly music playlist that your whole family will actually enjoy! We literally went through each of our playlists and chose the songs that we felt were most appropriate for summer! 

Summer Music Playlist for Families

Family friendly summer music playlist

This summer music playlist can be found on Spotify. You can search for Girl Loves Glam Summer Jams, but I have had reports of it being hard to find that way. You can also just click this link and it will take you right to it. Just make sure you follow it so you can find it again!  

The nice thing about it being on Spotify is that you don’t have to pay for Spotify in order to listen to it. It is best listened to in shuffle mode and listening to any playlist on shuffle mode is free on Spotify! 

This playlist has everything from pop, alternative, hip hop, and some songs that will throw it back a little. It has 40 songs (and I add more as I find more) that your whole family can enjoy together. I have had several people reach out to me letting me know just how much their family loves this playlist. I  hope yours can enjoy it too!

What is your favorite song to listen to in the summer?