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Sally Hair Dare: Dry and Damaged Hair

Sally Hair Dare: Dry and Damaged Hair

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sally Beauty.

I took the dare, the Sally (Hair) Dare, that is! The Sally (Hair) Dare is daring to try products from Sally Beauty, many of which are under $10, to fix your hair issues. They even have a money-back policy! My hair is naturally curly/wavy and I am constantly putting it through a lot in order to fight against my natural texture. Because I put a lot of heat on my hair and I color it often, I have a lot of damaged hair on my head.

Before Sally Hair Dare on

I wanted to take the Sally (Hair) Dare to try products and see what they could do for my hair.

Sally Hair Dare Products on

I wanted to test out products that would help treat or protect my damaged hair and would aid in keeping my hair sleek and smooth, so I wouldn’t have to put as much heat on it.

Sally Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner on

I washed with Biotera PRO Series Damage Care Shampoo and deep conditioned with Biotera PRO Damage Care Intense Recovery Paraben-Free Conditioner. I was immediately impressed with these products. The lather of the Biotera PRO Series Damage Care Shampoo is fantastic and the conditioner was incredibly creamy and made my hair very soft.

Sally Beauty Mask on

While my hair was still damp, I put curl cream on it. Although, I didn’t have the intentions of wearing my hair curly, I used One N’ Only Argon Oil Curl Cream to keep it from being too frizzy. I put it in my hair while it was still damp and I felt like it really helped keep my frizz under control.

Split End Mender on

The Beyond The Zone Split Mender was put in next. I love the idea of this product. I have never heard of a product like this! It felt really good on my hair. My hair looked and felt noticeably healthier after using this product.

ion Pro Dryer and Titanium Pro Brush Iron on

It was now time to dry and style my hair. I wanted to try the Whisper Quiet Lite blow dryer and Titanium Pro Brush Iron from Sally Beauty.

Sally Beauty ion Whisper Quiet Lite Blow Dryer on

This Whisper Quiet Lite blow dryer was the item that surprised me the most. It is so lightweight and quiet that I assumed it wouldn’t be a high quality blow dryer. It completely took me by surprise and is now one of my most favorite blow dryers I have ever used! With just a paddle brush, I was able to get my hair pretty straight with this blow dryer.

Next, I tried the brush iron. I had to take small sections for my thick hair, but I was able to get my hair pretty smooth with it. I am really anxious to try it on my daughter’s curly hair sometime, since it isn’t as thick as mine and we can take larger sections. She loves straightening out her hair to see how long it is and I think this brush iron will be perfect for that.

After Sally Beauty Hair Dare on

After taking the Sally (Hair) Dare, I can honestly say that it has given me a new perspective on the products at Sally Beauty.

You can take the Sally (Hair) Dare, too! Hundreds of the products at Sally Beauty are under $10! Sally Beauty has a love it or return it money-back guarantee so you can try new products with confidence. What types of products would you try with the Sally (Hair) Dare?

This sponsored post was written by me on behalf of Sally Beauty.