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No Sew Mickey Ice Cream Bar Costume: Disneyland Treats Costume

No Sew Mickey Ice Cream Bar Costume: Disneyland Treats Costume

Walking right down the middle of Main Street USA with this Mickey Ice Cream Bar costume. No sewing required and made with inexpensive materials, this costume is as sweet as the real thing! My 2 year old loves “Mickey pockles” aka Mickey popsicles, so when we chose our Disneyland food Halloween costume theme this year, I knew she needed to be our Mickey Ice Cream Bar!

Mickey Ice Cream Bar Costume

She absolutely loves her Mickey popsicle costume and it was really easy to make! My sewing machine and I don’t get along, so none of my Halloween costumes ever require them. They are all no sew costumes! The Mickey Ice Cream Bar costume was the easiest of all of our family costumes this year. Here is what I used to create it…

Mickey Ice Cream Bar Costume Supplies

Mickey Ice Cream Bar Costume Supplies

Mickey Ice Cream Bar Costume Tutorial

How to Make a Mickey Popsicle Costume

To begin making the Mickey Ice Cream Bar costume, you need to first trace 3 circles onto the foam core board. The size of these circles will depend on how big the person wearing the costume is. I was able to trace a laundry hamper for the large circle and two bowls for the smaller circles.

Homemade Disney Costume

Now cut out the three circles, using an Xacto knife. Make scallop shapes on one of the smaller circles, for your bite mark, and cut it out. Layer the ear circles under the head circle to determine how much of the smaller circles need to be cut off in order to glue them together. Trace a line where they overlap and cut off the extra part of the small circles. This way, it will all lay flat together. Hot glue all of the pieces together. Be generous with the glue. I came back and did several layers to insure that it was very secure.

Easy Mickey Disneyland Costume

How to glue fabric onto foam core board

Next, spray the front of the head piece with spray adhesive and lay it down on the felt, with enough felt on all sides to be able to wrap around. Work your way around the head, spraying the back with the spay adhesive and pulling the felt tightly around the head. Cut off the access felt as you go, this will make it much easier to do. As you get around the corners by the ears, you will need to cut right to that corner and carefully wrap the felt tightly around them.

Disneyland DIY costume

Once all of the head has been wrapped in felt, let it dry completely.

Using Heat transfer vinyl on Foam core board

Lay the head on top of your white vinyl and trace the scalloped edge. Cut a scalloped piece that matches your scalloped edge to go along the edge of the bar. This will give it the look as if there is ice cream inside. Iron on the vinyl by laying it directly on the head and ironing it for about 30 seconds. Peel off the plastic from the vinyl and it is done.

DIY Mickey Ice Cream Bar Costume

Next, Stick the wood patterned vinyl onto the craft foam and cut it out into the shape of the bottom of a popsicle stick. Hot glue the stick to the back of the Mickey head.

Wood patterned vinyl

Lastly, for the ribbon, hot glue two pieces on the sides of the head that are long enough to wrap around the person’s body. Measure a piece that is long enough to go around the shoulders and glue each end of it to the tops of the ears. Now you will back the entire head with more felt. This is done with a combination of spray adhesive and hot glue. Cut out a piece of felt that is roughly the same shape as the head. You can trace it, but you do want to cut it out to be slightly smaller than the actual head, so it doesn’t pop out from the back at all. Once you cut that out, spray the back of the head with spray adhesive and lay your felt down. Go around the edges of the felt and hot glue it all in place. This just helps give it a more finished look and helps keep the ribbons more secure.

DIY Mickey Ice Cream Bar Costume

Mickey Popsicle Costume

To put the costume on, just slip it on and tie it in the back, just like an apron. The thing I love about this costume is you can completely control what you are wearing underneath it. I grew up in Idaho, where snow would fall on many Halloweens, so wearing coats over your costume was kind of the norm. this Mickey Ice Cream Bar costume is perfect for that because you can wear it over a coat, if you need to! For pictures, we went with just white leggings and a white shirt. So, we will see how cold it ends up being on Halloween. It may be worn over a coat!

Mickey Treats Halloween Costume

Now, the costume is totally complete! The Mickey Ice Cream Bar ears are totally optional, but because the costume is pretty simple, I wanted to have a little something extra for our “Mickey Pockle” to wear. I feel like it is just the extra accessory that this costume needed! 

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar Costume

Now if we could only make it to the Disneyland Halloween celebrations! Don’t forget to come back each day this week to see what our next Disneyland food costume is! What do you think each of us will be?


Monday 23rd of September 2019

Cutest ice cream bar I ever did see!! I can't wait for you to reveal the rest this week!