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Let’s Talk TV

Are you an avid TV watcher? I have realized that I rarely do anything without one of my shows playing in the background too. Sometimes I wonder if I have too many shows, but then I think again! I love getting sucked into the different stories and following along with them. I feel like I actually know the characters I am following along with. It is a good thing I can watch my shows online, or else I would be in serious trouble when it comes to choosing what show to watch when they are actually on TV. I actually don’t ever watch TV on my TV unless it is Jimmy Fallon. You all probably already know my obsession with Jimmy, right? It is kind of sad how much I love him. I just think he is hilarious! And he isn’t bad on the eyes either. Total bonus! That is what we all said that we wanted when we grew up. The cute guy who can make us laugh? That’s Jimmy! Oh, and my husband too!

The only thing I love more about watching all of my shows, is talking about them with my friends! I love getting their opinions about the episodes and making predictions of what is coming next. I have one specific friend who will text me all about Pretty Little Liars and The Bachelor faithfully because we will have in depth conversations about them. It sounds silly, but when you live in different states, it is fun to have something in common! I given the opportunity to team up with Beamly, a social site for TV show lovers to unite. It is so cool! You can search for all of your favorite shows and join different groups to talk all about your favorite shows! Beamly is having me go on for the next 4 weeks and participate in conversations about my favorite shows. I joined a room for Nashville, Jimmy Fallon, Drop Dead Diva, Scandal, Revenge, and The Goldbergs.

I have tried Beamly for a week, and I am hooked! I will definitely keep going after my 4 weeks are over. It is really fun to be able to connect with other fans and see what their opinions are on the shows.

Are you going to join? It is free! Come join the rooms I am in so we can talk all about the shows we love!

What shows are you hooked on?

Beamly is THE 24 X 7 social and content network for TV and TV fans. Join me today in TV conversations and get the latest juice and gossip about your favorite shows!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Zeebox. The opinions and text are all mine.