How to cut your own side “swoop” bangs

As a cosmetologist, one concern I hear over and over again is that people really want to try side swoop bangs, but they don’t want to have to come get their bangs trimmed every 3 weeks to maintain them. I usually teach them a few tricks to help them maintain the look so that they don’t need to come back until they need a full haircut. I wanted to have some side swoop bangs before I going to Snap, so of course, I decided to take pictures along the way so that you can ALL know how to cut your own side swoop bangs at home!

How to cut your own side swoop bangs at home on #diy #hair #cut #tutorial

You will need…

*hair scissors


*styling tools

Before you start, be sure that your bangs are dry and straight. If you cut them while they are wet, bangs tend to shrink a little when they dry and they become shorter than you had originally planned. NOT good!

Cut your own side swoop bangs at home on #diy #hair #bangs #tutorial

Follow along with me through these pictures.

1. Part off as much hair as you want included in your bangs. If you want them to be thin, don’t take as much hair. If you want thick bangs, take a bigger section of hair. Keep in mind what your hair texture is like when choosing. My hair is thick, so a medium/thicker bang works well with my hair.

2. Choose where you want your bangs to hit on the side of your face.

3. Brush the section of hair you are working with to the opposite side of your face (Random information: This is also known as taking it across the street in beauty school). Put your fingers where you want your bangs to hit when you pull that hair back over to where you want them to be.

4. Using your fingers as a guide, cut your hair along where your fingers are, keeping your hair pulled the opposite direction that they will be. I like to point cut my bangs, meaning that I don’t cut straight across. I hold the scissors up and down and cut that way. It makes for a less dramatic line. Keep in mind, that could be a little more advanced and could be dangerous to cut towards your fingers. BE SO CAREFUL not to cut your fingers! You can also just cut straight across if that is easier/safer for you.

5. Brush your bangs over to where you want them to be. Style them how you want them.

All done! Enjoy your beautiful side swoop bangs!

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  1. You are brave! I don’t mind trimming my bangs but cutting my hair completely scares the buhjeezus out of me! Your bangs turned out way too cute though <3

  2. Oh Man! That is AWESOME!!!! I’m kind of a chicken… I should have had you cut mine at SNAP!

  3. never heard of combing them to the opposite side for cutting! Maybe that’s why my bangs never turn out quite right! Now I have to wait a few more weeks to try this since I just took scissors to them the other day!

  4. Holy Cow! You have just saved my life with this! I cannot tell you how many times I try to cut my bangs and it turns out bad. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  5. nice tips!!! i gotta work up the nerve to do it now

  6. Such a great article, and just when my bangs were needed a little TLC 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  7. Great info! Thank you so much, I have bangs I’ve been trying to grow out for a while and this looks like a cute way to do it…myself!

  8. If only I was that brave and talented! Love your bangs though! Thanks so much for stopping by Do Something Crafty Friday!

  9. Great tutorial!!! I’m a bit scared, but I want to try!

  10. I just did this and I have no talent when it comes to dealing with my thick, coarse, wavy/curly hair. I like it! I saw it on I Heart Naptime’s Top 20, right before I colored my hair this morning. I had to mull it over a bit before I actually did it though. Thanks for the directions that even this klutz could follow!

  11. Wow! I had no idea it’s best to cut on the opposite side! Thanks for this great tip ~ and for sharing at the 6 Sisters Party! PIN’d!

  12. So, I followed this tutorial yesterday!! Yay! I’m growing out my hair, which I love, but my bangs were starting to not look like bangs anymore! I used your tricks and they turned out great!! Thanks a million! Can I ask what the purpose of putting them over on the other side to cut them is? I notice that my hairdresser does it too…just curious as to why that works!

    • I am SO glad it helped! There are a few reasons why you should pull them across. It makes it so you don’t cut them too short because they are being stretched across your face as you cut them. Another reason is because it creates a nice angle that gets cut so you don’t have to try to cut your bangs at an angle. Thanks!

  13. Definitely going to try this. Hope you don’t mind, but I’m pinning…

  14. bumblebee says

    My hair is short and (sorta) curly. Are bangs good for me or a no no?

  15. You are awesome! This tutorial was so easy! Hair is my worst enemy. We never get along. Especially bangs. I’ve tried swoop bangs because they’re so cute but no one could ever get the cut right. I literally found this just now, walked into my bathroom and snip! They’re adorable ♥ Thank youuu!

  16. some people twist and then cut bangs! what does twisting do?

  17. You are amazing. Seriously. I’ve been itching for a subtle swoop bang that I could do myself for a long time, but every time I try it comes out in uneven chunks attempting a slant. Why don’t all hairdressers hand out pamphlets up front about this “across the street” thing??? I read this instruction about 15 times before attempting, trying to figure out how that would help. They look amazing! Thank you!

    • This just made my day! Thank you for the kind words! I think each hairdresser has just been taught differently, and once you learn, you don’t want to change I guess!

  18. Just did this, I was so nervous! I’m very happy!!!!

  19. this is amazing! just saved me $$$$$ and they turned out perfect, even better then the last time I SPENT money getting them trimmed!

  20. I did it, and it worked!!! Thank you so much!

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  22. I tried this and it worked like a charm. Thank you!


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