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How I Organize My Office with Bar Carts

How I Organize My Office with Bar Carts

Welcome to the tour of over 25 beautiful office and craft spaces!

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The workspace I am featuring is of course, my Kate Spade bow inspired office!

Kate Spade inspired Bow Office on

This room serves as a pretty multi-functional space for me with my job. I have my computer area, a wall that I shoot most of my photos against, a sitting area that is used for a lot of my videos, my closet that is full of craft supplies, the floor that also serves as my photo shoot area and craft table, and my second computer that my daughter uses.

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Even though there usually seems to be about 1000 things happening in this room, I have to have some kind of organization strategy for the space. I have organized and reorganized the closet and my desk more times that I can even recall. Nothing really seemed to solve my organizational issues until I bought two bar carts for my office. Now I am convinced everyone needs bar carts in their home!

Organizing with Bar Carts on

I have my bar carts organized with very specific needs. One cart is full of bath bomb/DIY cosmetic items and the other one is full of most my commonly used photo props.

Using Bar Carts to Organize an office on

I love that I can wheel these carts in and out of the closet when I need them, but if they get left out (which they usually do) they look like they fit right into the decor and it doesn’t drive me crazy to have a bunch of junk in my office.

Bath Bomb Creating Station on

I also love that all of my bath bomb and photo prop items are mobile enough that I can wheel them to the best lighting in my house. My office doesn’t always have the most incredible lighting, so I have to travel throughout my house for photos for my site. Having everything I need on a cart that has wheels makes it so nice to move around to where the light is!

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I highly recommend using bar carts to help organize your home too! You could have a homework cart, a kid crafting cart, a baking supply cart, makeup cart, etc. The possibilities are endless! If you want to see even more photos of my office space, you can find my original office makeover reveal by following the link below.

Kate Spade Inspired Bow Office

Office Bow Wall Inspired by Kate Spade on

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Jen Gallacher

Monday 13th of March 2017

LOVE your bow tie wall. Gorgeous!!


Monday 13th of March 2017

Love it! Those bows on the wall are too fun! Thanks for sharing as part of the blog hop!