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Home Hair Coloring Tips

Home Hair Coloring Tips

Dying your hair at home can be a mix of different emotions. On one hand, you are saving money but on the other, you didn’t actually go to school to learn how to do it! So, what should you do? As a cosmetologist myself, I am obviously a supporter of regularly visiting a salon. I am also a supporter of letting people be creative. So much of my love of hair came from dying my own hair. I was encouraged to try new things and I was able to learn a lot! I still got my hair dyed and cut by a professional relatively regularly but I think being able to dye your hair at home is something that is and should be part of the human experience! In this post, I want to give you all the tools you need to have a positive home hair coloring experience!

Coloring Your Hair at Home

Coloring Hair At Home

With that being said, I would never recommend just any hair dye to anyone. Having the best at home hair dying experience comes down to being prepared. That is why I wanted to share all of my top tips for having the best at home hair dye job! Consider it a miniature color training. You will feel like a semi-professional hair colorist when you are done! Don’t forget to take notes!

Top Home Hair Dying Tips

  • Don’t trust the model.
  • Know the level you are starting at.
  • Know your color tone.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Professionals can fix things if they go wrong.
  • Don’t jump more than 2 levels.
  • If you want vibrant colors, they are best on lighter hair.
  • Be prepared to touch up vibrant colors frequently.
  • Use hand sanitizer to remove color.

Something that I get asked a lot is what I do for the purple in my own hair. My hair is dark brown, so I can’t just add a purple into my hair and expect it to look as vibrant as I want it to. I have to highlight my hair first, then add the purple on top of it. Something that I would recommend is having your hair professionally highlighted and once your highlights start to grow out, throw a fun color on top of it! It is a fun way to experiment between salon visits! 

If you want to have a little color variation in your vibrant colors, I would recommend getting two relatively similar colors and using both of them and you can even have a third color bowl where you mix those two colors and apply that one as well! That is what I do. I use a purple, a bright blue, and mix the two for other sections. It just looks a lot more professional than having all of it one solid color! 

If you need more tips of finding the right hair color for you, make sure to check out my post where I explain how to find the best hair color for your skin tone.

Now go and try a new hair color or refresh the color you have! I want to see the results! What experiences have you had with coloring your hair at home?