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HELP MY EPIC FAIL! Epic Room Makeover 2012

I know, this may come to a shock to some of you, but my house isn’t ALL organized and pretty. Ok, maybe that isn’t a shock at all. Nobody is perfect! Enter my upstairs…
Epic Fail
Now is when you should see one of those signs on it that says EPIC FAIL! I need some serious help with my upstairs living quarters. I honestly think that Mandi is the ONLY person brave creative enough to fix this! This is my craft room, office, and guest room. Wouldn’t you want to come over and stay in this pile of crap? Come on over! Speaking of coming over, I made you an episode of Cribs to officially introduce my space to you.
A few highlights (or lowlights rather) of the “Creepy Bathroom”
Creepy Bathroom Highlights
When we bought our house, we fell in love with the character of the almost 100 year old farm house. This bathroom however, was not one of those things. There is a lot NOT happening for this bathroom.
It has no door. It has no sheetrock and has been popcorn textured everywhere. The tiles are breaking. The light is old and ugly. There is a giant pipe that goes through it. The toilet is on a pedestal and when you sit on it, you hit your head on the ceiling (TMI right?). It has absolutely NO storage. You can see the yellow insulation foam coming out of the cracks of the wall.
If Mandi has it in her budget and has time for the bathroom, great. If not, I would be 100% satisfied if she could help me with the rest of the upstairs! Here are the highlights of the ugliness we like to call our upstairs bonus room…
Upstairs Features
When we bought our house, my husband thought that the upstairs reminded him of the nursery in Peter Pan. There is nothing nurturing in this room anymore! For example…
It is covered in wallpaper that has been painted over, leaving seams everywhere! There isn’t nearly enough storage for all of my crafting stuff leaving me absolutely zero space to work. The outlet covers are really old and ugly. The wallpaper started coming off and was painted over with the wrong color of paint. The lights are ugly, don’t let out much light, and are falling off of our ceiling. Believe it or not, there is a little potential though…
Upstairs Features 2
The room is massive! It has great vaulted ceilings that could be accented well with pattern! The carpet has bleach marks on it (how does that even happen) which gives us all the more reason to rip it out. We have wood floors underneath the nasty carpet. We have an awesomely vintage couch that could be amazing and very Mandilicious in a different setting.
We seriously need to win this makeover. I honestly have no problem making over smaller spaces in our house. I have done quite a few. But when it comes to this room, it is just way too overwhelming and expensive to tackle. My husband is a teacher, so when I decide to take on a project, it takes a lot of planning ahead of time to save up for even a small project like a can of paint. We have no tools to even start on a project like this! Having Mandi come and give us her expert advice would be the most incredible opportunity! My husband LOVES unique design. Heck, he let me paint my tile with a houndstooth print! Who does that?!
Houndstooth Stenciled Tile
I am totally open to Mandi’s design because I love her unique taste and her no fear approach to color and patterns. I love projects and learning new skills. I have AMAZING friends in the area who are fellow bloggers and would help every step of the way too! Please, please pick us for the Epic Room Makeover. You have no idea what this would do for us. This would be HUGE… EPIC!

UPDATE: Vote for #70 once daily per IP address until Sept 14th! We would SO appreciate it! To learn more of why we could really use this makeover, look here.

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Annette Landon

Wednesday 12th of September 2012

Your house has so much potential!! All the slanted ceilings a wooden floor under the carpet is a gold mine!!! I hope you win! I am voting for you!!!

Molly Oop

Sunday 9th of September 2012

Great video!

LOL I'm out stalking all the other submissions today. Super cute video!


Mandi @ Vintage Revivals

Wednesday 5th of September 2012

McKenzie. Seriously can you be any cuter?! We could to some SERIOUSLY awesome crap to your upstairs!! I am so glad that you entered!! Good luck!

Love your gutsmandi

Nat and Holly

Tuesday 4th of September 2012

Haha, other sister checking in now :) You are so adorable! I love your video, and the music is sweeeet!! If you win can I come help?? Free manual labor :)

Nat and Holly

Tuesday 4th of September 2012

Okay, I feel like a blog stalker, but I just had to comment. This is awesome! Haha, I love how it's totally like Cribs with the editing. Great job. And I love that you used the words "creepy" and "freakin' ugly." Haha, I am totally voting for you!!