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My Studio 5 Experience

I was so incredibly blessed to be chosen to go on Studio 5. It was a really awesome experience. Everyone I met was so helpful and kind. I felt like my ideas were unique and legit.
It was a little stressful to figure out how the heck to display everything. I wanted it to be just right. The guys there were very patient with me helping me move everything around until it was spot on.
Once it was all set up, the butterflies decided to come. Luckily, they were mostly gone by the time I was actually on. Live TV is a little frightening, but I really enjoyed it!
Haha, like my face when I realize “Oh! I am on now!”? I loved learning more about TV presence and I hope to be able to do it again. Here is a list of links to where you can find the tutorials and items that I used on my segment…
Rug I got this on clearance, so it may be at your local store still if you are lucky!
If you are wondering what I was wearing, sit tight! That is tomorrow’s post. Thank you so much for watching me and supporting me!
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Nat and Holly

Tuesday 4th of September 2012

I'm so so glad you posted this! (This is Nat.) My KSL was OUT that day, I was so sad! You look gorgeous and you did such a good job! Holy cow, you had so many awesome ideas! I loved it - way to go, girl :)