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Glitter Christmas Shirt Tutorial

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The Christmas decorations can’t just stop with decorating your house anymore. It is time to do a little decorating of the kiddos too. I love putting cute, seasonal shirts on Harper so that when I look back at pictures of her wearing those shirts, I know exactly what time of year it was taken. It is really helpful and she just looks stinking cute in them too. I am excited to show you how to make a glittery Christmas shirt of your own using the Tulip Shimmer Sheets, Glitter Paints, and Crystals.
Here’s what you need…
Paper with “lil’ Christmas Star” printed on it
Paper with a picture of a Christmas star printed on it
Paper or cardboard
First, cut out the image of the Christmas star. Trace it onto the Tulip Shimmer Sheet. You will want to trace it onto the side that isn’t as glittery. Cut out the star out of the Shimmer Sheet.
Lay your text out onto your shirt and decide where you want your star to be. Use your ruler to be sure it is even and straight.
Following the directions on the Tulip Shimmer Sheet package, iron the star onto your shirt. This is so easy to do! I love the feel of it when it is done. It feels just like a shirt that you buy from the store and it only takes about a minute to put it on the shirt. I was really impressed with how easy it was.
Next, put the paper or cardboard in the shirt so that your paint doesn’t bleed through. Lay your text right where you want it to be to get a mental image. Put the paper with the text on it inside the shirt right underneath where you want the text to be. 
Use the paper with the text on it as a guide. Trace the letters while you paint with the Tulip Glitter Paint. This is done more easily if you have another paper next to you so that you can tap the paint down so that it comes out easily and gets the bubbles out. Do this often so that the paint doesn’t come bursting out. 
After the painted letters have dried, lay out the Tulip Iron-on Crystals where you want them to be. 
Using the Tulip Heat Setting Tool, attach each crystal to the shirt. Follow the directions on the package. It is really easy. Just put the tool on top of each crystal and hold it there for a few seconds. 
Now go find yourself a cute kid to decorate! Go try their new shirt on. Harper got compliments on her shirt all day long!
I hope you enjoy making your very own glitter Christmas shirt!
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Heather -

Monday 10th of December 2012

Such a precious little person, and a cute little shirt!


Sunday 9th of December 2012

So sweet! I love everything about this - the sparkly star, the font you used, and of course your little model! ;)

Amy Anderson

Sunday 9th of December 2012

Aw, this is so sweet!


Wednesday 28th of November 2012

Gah! This is too darn cute!

Adrienne Woods

Monday 26th of November 2012

Super cute Kenzie. I love how it turned out!