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Giving Children Our Time: Light the World with Service

Giving Children Our Time: Light the World with Service

The holiday season can bring a lot of chaos into our lives. When there are so many events and shopping that happens in such a short amount of time, it can be hard to lose sight of what is truly important this holiday season. I love the reminder I received when I watched this video about bringing light to the world by serving others. This holiday season can also be the perfect opportunity to serve. To learn more visit

Serving our children and giving them our time and attention

As a way to get ideas to serve others this holiday season, has created a calendar with 25 days of service that you can do during the month of December. Each day is inspired by something Jesus Christ did while he was on Earth. I was really touched by Day 11: Jesus Ministered to Children and So Can You.

Giving Children Our Time on

It can be really easy to fall into the trap of a routine schedule where our kids are obviously a huge part, but we aren’t spending a lot of genuine time with them. We especially were falling into this trap when school started. Our days usually consist of preschool drop off, preschool pick up, driving to dance, mom getting her work done, making dinner, etc. All of those things are good things, but none of those things are things that will make the relationship that I have with my daughter any stronger.

Paying attention to our children

I had a pretty strong feeling that something needed to change. I needed to make time each day to devote to strengthening the relationship I had with my daughter. I had to make that time happen. I couldn’t just expect my busy schedule to open up to give me time. I had to do something proactive and make the time in my schedule.

Spending quality time with our children

That is when we created what we call, “Harper Time”. It is literally time that I write in my planner that nothing else gets scheduled. During this time, I plug my phone in and don’t look at it. My daughter gets to choose whatever she wants to do during that time. Sometimes we play with dolls, make a craft, play video games together, or make a dessert. It is her choice. The amount of “Harper Time” that happens each day will vary, depending on what our schedule is like. At first I felt guilty if they all couldn’t be two hours long, but I have noticed something. No matter if “Harper Time” is 30 minutes long or two hours long, it means just as much to Harper. She just enjoys having the time with me.

Creating lasting relationships with our children

This time has given us the opportunity to have great conversations and to develop a lasting relationship. When I give her the opportunity to choose what we do, I can tell that she feels special. She feels like her opinion is valued and I think that is something important for family members to feel.

Making Children Feel Valued

Jesus Christ loved the little children. He let them feel valued as he taught them. I know that I can use the example that my Savior set for me in how I parent my children. I can help teach them through example and teach them by giving them my attention. When children feel valued, they will feel more confident in who they are. Is there anything more that you could want as a parent than to know your child is confident in who they are and that they feel valued?

Showing children our love

I invite you all to steal our idea of “Harper Time” and literally schedule time with your children. It doesn’t need to be at the same time or for the same amount of time everyday, it just needs to happen. I promise you will feel an increased amount of love for your children and your child will feel a much closer relationship with you.

Teaching children the way Jesus ministered to children

I also invite you to check out all of the ideas for 25 days of service. I promise you that after you watch the video and look at the service ideas, you will be inspired to serve others. Nothing will invite the true meaning of Christmas into your life the way that serving others will. Use Jesus Christ as your true example and serve. You can find all of the service prompts by visiting

How will you #LIGHTtheWORLD this holiday season?


Tuesday 29th of November 2016

Really love this! It's true that the time is never going to present itself. I love that you have intentionally made that time for your girl.