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What to Expect When Getting Permanent Makeup

What to Expect When Getting Permanent Makeup

I used to fill in my eyebrows every single day. I did it so many times, that I thought that I had gotten it down to the point where it didn’t take very long. Then one day I was trying to get out the door and I was just going to fill in my brows and put on some mascara before leaving the house because I didn’t have time to worry about anything else. Those few steps ended up taking way longer than they should have. That was when I finally decided to start saving to get permanent makeup done on my brows!

What to Expect When Getting Permanent Makeup on

I did a lot of research before deciding to get them done and even more research before deciding who I was going to go to to have them done. I worked in two salons and saw many bad cases of permanent makeup while I was there. Most of them were people coming to the salon to get them fixed somehow, but it was enough to scare me from getting my brows done for a long time. If you are on the fence about getting permanent makeup done, I highly recommend looking at people who’s brows you like and seeing where they got them done. Then look and see the rest of their portfolio. Were those brows the only ones you liked? Are there several clients that have brows that you like? Look for someone with a portfolio full of brows that you love.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a girl who was in the same city as me and had done several brows that I absolutely loved. She also can do several different permanent makeup techniques. That is why I chose Jenna Johnson Artistry to do mine. My brows were $375 and that included the initial visit and the touch up. From the research that I have done, that is a pretty average price for eyebrows. For me, it has already been worth every penny. I was spending about $20 every 6 weeks on a new brow pencil and I was spending way too much precious time every morning, trying to perfect my brows. Now I don’t have to do a dang thing to them!

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This is my before and after for my very first visit. It is basically magic what happened while I was in that chair! Before your visit, I recommend taking some Advil. Yes, they put some numbing cream on your brows but it doesn’t numb it completely.  You will feel it! I chose to have my brows done with a combination of both soft tap and microblading. This gives it more of a bold look in some places and more of a natural look in others. That is almost exactly how I was doing them everyday with my brow pencil.

What surprised me the most about the initial visit is that what took the longest was drawing the brows on before actually getting them done. I expected the actual procedure to take much longer than it actually did. I also really appreciated that Jenna took so much time to perfect my brows before actually starting the permanent makeup process. She wanted to be sure that we were on the same page and that I was going to absolutely love my brows when it was finished.

After the initial appointment, I had to put Vaseline on my brows to let them heal. You can’t really touch your brows for at least a week. Just put the jelly on your brows morning and night. The jelly helps prevent the scabs from getting too dry, so that the scabs don’t pull the color from your brows. It is really important not to pick at your scabs either. I was pretty careful about taking care of them and I was really happy with how they healed. They were about 90% healed after a week.

I went in for my touch up appointment about 6 weeks later. This time, we decided to use a little more rich brown color and then she just touched up the places that didn’t hold onto the color as well. I am so happy with how they turned out after the touch up!

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When I do my makeup, I can skip my eyebrows all together! I don’t ever have to worry about how they look or if part of my brow makeup rubbed off throughout the day. They always look great! Jenna recommends getting a touch up once a year, so I will definitely be getting a touch up next summer so I can keep up my perfect brows!

If you are considering permanent brows, I highly recommend it! Before getting your brows done, DO YOUR RESEARCH! I can’t stress this enough. You can’t blame anyone for your bad brows if you haven’t done the research before you got them done.

Have you gotten permanent makeup done? What was your experience like?

Rhianna Hawk

Thursday 24th of January 2019

My makeup routine takes up a lot of time in the morning, so I'm considering getting permanent makeup. I appreciate your tips on what to expect when getting that, and for providing before and after pictures as well. It's great that you only need touch-ups every 6 weeks, as that definitely would save a lot of time.


Wednesday 6th of February 2019

The touch up is just that one time and then after that it is about once a year! It's awesome.