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Creating Flawless Skin with Luminess Air Products and VIDEO

Creating Flawless Skin with Luminess Air Products and VIDEO

You probably already know that I love my Luminess Air makeup system. I just love how smooth my makeup looks when I use an airbrush to apply it! I also love that it lasts all day long, without any touching up. Luminess Air has a large variety of products that can be used with their air makeup system and I have really enjoyed trying out different products they offer to make my makeup look even better.

Creating Flawless Skin with Luminess Air Products on

Most recently, I tried out the Porcelain, X Out, and Eraser products from Luminess Air. I really love how well these products work together. They help fill my pores, erase lines, and hide my dark circles under my eyes! They basically solve the problems that all of us seem to face each and everyday while we are doing our makeup.

I did my full review on this week’s YouTube video, so watch and learn why you should probably just put a Luminess Air system on your Christmas list this year! Luminess is giving 20% off of everything on their site when you use the coupon code: 614952997 so don’t forget to take advantage of that!

How much would having a Luminess Air makeup system change the way you do your makeup?


Friday 14th of October 2016

Forgive me if you've already posted, but have you ever tried and had success with anything to shrink pores??