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I am a Color Street Independent Stylist. When I found this company I fell in love. Color Street nails made it so I could have pretty nails in practically no time at all! These strips aren’t stickers like some other nail wraps. They are nail polish! I love how fast they are to apply. The best part? No wet nail polish to worry about! They are dry when you put them on.

Getting a manicure at the salon costs so much money and takes so much time. I don’t have that kind of time in my life. I hated getting my nails done only to have to polish chip so quickly. I don’t have to worry about that with Color Street.

I love that there are so many options. If you want to do a simple, single color you can! If you want to get a more intricate design for a holiday or season, you can do that too! You can even trade and combine different designs together to create a manicure that is custom.

If you want to shop the nail designs that are out now, here is where you can do that! The latest catalog is just a click away.

If you are interested in getting a sample so you can try them before you buy a set, let me know! I can send you a sample to try on your own. You are going to love how easy these nail wraps are to apply!