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Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

Photography by: Stayc Smart.

My shirt (not maternity): Cents of Style

My boots: Sold out, but similar from Cents of Style

I have had a lot of kind people ask me about my pregnancy on social media, so I thought I would just give a good ol’ update for everyone. It is crazy to think that I am 27 weeks pregnant.

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I think the craziest part about it is that Harper was born at 36 weeks. That means that there is a legitimate chance of having a baby in just 9 weeks. I pray that this baby can cook a little longer than Harper did. As much as I love that she was so excited to join her family, I would have liked to be able to take her home from the hospital without the NICU stay. I am really hoping to avoid the NICU this time around!

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Harper is SO excited to be a big sister to a baby sister. She has to tell absolutely everyone that mom has a baby girl in her tummy. Now that we are getting into the third trimester, things are really starting to set in that our time with just the three of us is coming to a close. We are seriously so excited for this baby, but part of me gets a little sad thinking about the fact that these nearly 5 years of just the three amigos is almost done.

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Harper truly is one of my best friends. It is hard to be the mom and not the friend all of the time, but I think we have done pretty well so far. She knows that even though she may think that she’s the boss, mom and dad have the last call. She is my buddy! I love our little life and our day to day memories. I know that those memories will be able to blossom even more with a baby sister in the picture and I am really excited to watch that happen.

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We have a lot of prepping to do for this baby to come, but the thing I don’t want us to forget is to include Harper in the process so that she can be prepared as well. As excited as she is for a baby to come, I don’t think she realizes just how much it will change her life to have a baby sister. We have made sure to keep her included in our name brainstorming, doctor appointments, etc, but as we come to the final countdown, I know we will have even more preparations to get her ready emotionally.

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As for me, these past two weeks of pregnancy have probably been some of the best. I am not going to lie, this pregnancy hasn’t been the easiest thing for me. I went from being incredibly sick, to incredibly tired, then came some of the aches and pains of pregnancy. I just didn’t realize how good I had it with my first pregnancy. I have jokingly told my family that I should just count on having gestational diabetes at this point because I have pretty much experienced it all in order to bring this baby into the world so far!

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Last week, it was like a little switch went off. I started feeling more motivated and energetic. I have been exercising about 4 times a week the last two weeks and my body has already started feeling better. The exercise I do isn’t anything outrageously hard, but it is crazy just how out of breath I can get from doing it! I am currently at the weight that I was at when I delivered with Harper. Honestly, it was a tough pill to swallow. After talking to both my husband and my doctor, I have decided not to worry about it. They both basically told me the same thing, in different ways. I am gaining a healthy amount of weight. It isn’t that I am gaining more weight than I did with my first pregnancy, I am just starting at a little higher number than I did before. I had two pregnancies back to back with my miscarriage which totally added to that weight gain, my body is five years older than it was the first time I was pregnant, and my lifestyle just doesn’t allow me to rest and exercise as often as I did when I didn’t have children.

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Since starting to work out again, I have been able to sleep better, my sciatic nerve isn’t giving me as many problems, and my limbs aren’t falling asleep as often. It hasn’t totally solved everything, but I definitely feel better than I was before.

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Life is good! Pregnancy is good. Our baby is looking healthy (we just have one thing that will be checked at the next appointment). We are blessed!

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You can find this adorable blouse I am wearing (it isn’t maternity) and my cute shoes both from Cents of Style!

Thank you for everyone who has checked in on us and how this pregnancy has been going! We have been so loved and supported by all of you!

Brittany Fry

Wednesday 26th of October 2016

I am 25 weeks this Friday and finally have mustered enough energy (I think) to get back into working out. Even if it is just going to be walks in the evening, I think I will feel much much better if I just do it. Glad you are feeling better and you seriously look so cute!!!