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Blow Drying Curly Hair: Girl Loves Curl

Blow Drying Curly Hair: Girl Loves Curl

It probably won’t come as a major shock to know that heat isn’t great for curly hair. It isn’t great for any hair! Not to sound like a broken record but curls need as much moisture as they can possibly get. When it comes to drying curls, it should be done strategically! 

Blow Drying and Diffusing Curly Hair

Diffusing Curly Hair Video

Watch the step by step video to see exactly how I diffuse my curls. I recommend watching the video and reading the lesson material as well, as there is information shared in each that you won’t find in both!


Drying Curly Hair with a Towel

Drying curls starts when they are freshly washed or wetted down. Try using something made of jersey material, like an old t-shirt or a piece of jersey knit fabric, rather than a towel, to get the majority of the water out of the hair. The fibers in traditional towels can rough up the cuticles of the hair, causing frizz. When you are using a towel, squeeze the hair in the towel and scrunch upwards. This just encourages the curls to curl the right direction and be a little more bouncy.

Using Jersey Knit Towel on Curly Hair

Air drying is a great way to get curls dry but it isn’t always the most convenient or stylish way. Air drying doesn’t allow you to manipulate the curls or create any additional volume. Basically, what you see when you get out of the shower and add product is what you get. While it is a healthy option, it doesn’t need to be the only option!

How to Blow Dry Curly Hair

Instead of blow drying the hair while it’s still sopping wet and fresh out of the shower, you can start with wearing a microfiber towel turban. A turban can help pull some of the water out of the hair and let it dry naturally for a bit before putting any heat on it. Hair products can be put on before or after wearing the turban. It is best to try it both ways and see which way is best for the particular curls you are working with!

Curly Hair Turban

After taking my hair out of the towel, I apply my products. I start with curl cream and follow with a gel. While I use several products, I find myself going back to SGX NYC Curl Power and Hairitage Ahead of the Curl creams and Aussie Instant Freeze Gel. When applying product, always be sure to apply in an upward motion. This encourages the curls to stay bouncy.

Curly Hair Diffuser Products 

How to Use a Diffuser

When it’s time to use a blow dryer, always use a diffuser! A diffuser is a round head that attaches to the nozzle of a blow dryer. Many times, it will come with the blow dryer already! Diffusers reduce frizz by distributing heat evenly. 

When using a diffuser, start at the root of the hair. Move the blow dryer in circular motions, trying to keep it at about a 45 degree angle. Start at the scalp and get that hair almost completely dry before moving onto the rest of the hair. Don’t be afraid to flip your head upside down and from side to side to prevent all of your curls from drying in one place on your head.

Blow drying with a diffuser

Once the hair by the scalp is dry, move on to the rest of the hair from the ends up. Carefully place the ends of the hair on the diffuser and let it scrunch the hair up as it dries. Continue keeping the diffuser at a 45 degree angle so it doesn’t get too hot on the scalp. Work all around the head, flipping the hair to both sides and upside down. Don’t over dry the hair. Get the majority of the water out and let the rest air dry.

Creating Soft Natural Curls

If there are still spots that feel crunchy from the gel, this is the time to make it soft. Put some serum in your palm and scrunch it into the areas where the hair feels crunchy. If you are worried about your hands creating more frizz, apply the serum and scrunch the product into the curls with jersey knit fabric.

Creating Soft Natural Curls

When you are done diffusing the hair, use the cool button on the blow dryer to add shine to the hair. This is done the same way you diffused the hair at the beginning, only on the cool setting. 

Diffusing Curly Hair

Once the hair is dried, you can play around with styling and manipulating the curls. Try to leave it alone and not play with the styling too much, until it is dry!

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