Beauty Basics: Shampoo and Conditioner Tips

A while ago, I asked my social media followers what type of content they would like to see in videos. I asked what beauty questions they have that they would like answered and honestly, I was surprised by some of the responses! When I really started thinking about it though, I shouldn’t have been surprised at all. They were the same questions I am asked when I work at the salon and am doing a client’s hair! One of these questions was about shampoo and conditioner. “What type of shampoo and conditioner should I use? Does it matter what type of shampoo and conditioner I use in my hair? Should I be using salon brands, or can I use cheaper shampoo and conditioner? How often should I wash my hair?” There were several questions like this that were asked, so I decided to address the topic with my latest video! Here are my shampoo and conditioner tips in…

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I hope this video answers all of your burning questions about shampoo and conditioner!

Please let me know if you have any other shampoo and conditioner questions and I would be happy to help!

Shampoo and Conditioner 101 Video on

What is your favorite type of shampoo and conditioner?


  1. Just found your blog and great video! I am in my my 40’s, short colored hair (only to cover grey), dry, course heavy and thick. Every other color, my stylist only does the growth around my face and part instead of my entire new growth and I love that! My problem is I am in medically induced menopause and I take meds that has altered my ability to control my temperature so I sweat A LOT, including night sweats, day sweats, really I’m a sweat box all the time. I can feel the sweat dripping down my scalp…I used to wash and condition every day, now I wash every other day and condition every day. I’d like to stretch the washing out even further but by the second day, my hair is heavier and feels dirty. Any tips or ideas? Thanks!

    • Have you tried having your hair thinned out? It sounds like your hair is very similar to my natural texture. I get mine thinned out aka texturized A LOT. That helps the temperature of my scalp immensely! Have you tried dry shampoo? It works great for hair if it is feeling heavy, however it can make it feel a little dirty. I don’t mind that feeling really though because I feel like it is easier to work with. Obviously it is going to be different for everyone though.

  2. Hey McKenzie,
    Back a few months ago I was able to wash my hair every other day with the help with dry shampoo of course! However in the last 2 months or so my hair is getting really greasy in in less then 24 hrs after washing it! I’m having to wash it every day. For example I will wash my hair, go work a night shift come home and sleep and wake up to super greasy hair! My hair is curly and fine and does lay flat I don’t do anything to it! Also I got to the gym everyday and when I’m done it looks like I’ve been swimming from sweating so much! Gross lol any suggestions?

  3. Hey McKenzie.
    Loved your video and am quite jealous you can go 4-5 days without washing your hair! I on the other hand can barely go one! back in the winter I was able to go two days without washing my hair and that was still pushing it and with the help of dry shampoo…in the last 2 months or so my hair has been becoming really greasy before 24 hrs is even up…I work nights, so I shower, go to work, come home and sleep and when I get up my hair is super greasy! and that’s before going to the gym and leaving so sweaty it looks like I was swimming! any suggestions? I use salon shampoo and conditioner as well as any product! I always have and I change my shampoo and conditioner up once a week!

    • Is it mostly just greasy at the roots? Do you feel like it is still greasy after using the dry shampoo? If it is just at the roots, try using Sexy Hair Powder Play in your roots. It might help take the grease level down a bit!

  4. You must have made this just for me. Seriously. I’m so bad I have oily hair and I’ve been using Clarifying shampoo way too much! I am tryting to go longer between washes though and that has helped. I like the Matrix Sleek so maybe I’ll try that Suave! Thanks! And um, bathtub video shoot? Brilliant. – Nat

  5. You must have made this just for me. Seriously. I’m so bad I have oily hair and I’ve been using Clarifying shampoo way too much! I am trying to go longer between washes though and that has helped. I like the Matrix Sleek so maybe I’ll try that Suave! Thanks! And um, bathtub video shoot? Brilliant. – Nat

  6. I love my Suave Sleek shampoo & conditioner!!!

  7. Have you ever used Wen? I wanted to try it, but it was so expensive! I have dry, medium texture hair that would get a lot of static–particularly in the winter months. I have tried the Sally Beauty Supply knock off of wen (Hair One, I used the one for dry hair) and it worked well, no more static. But now I can only use it every now and again because it makes my hair greasy! So just wondering if Wen is worth the money, or if the knock off brand is just as good.

    • I haven’t ever used Wen, but have friends who have used it. They have said that they liked it at first, but felt like their hair was greasy after using it for a while. I haven’t ever used the knock off kind either. Sorry, I am no help!


  1. […] The absolute most important part about your hair while swimming is taking care of it! Wash your hair as soon as you are able to when you finish swimming. You don’t want your hair marinating in that chlorine any longer than necessary. If you or your child is in chlorine more than 3 times a week, use a clarifying shampoo once a week. This basically strips out all of that extra stuff off of the hair, but is too extreme of a shampoo to use on a daily basis. Use a shampoo that is great for moisture on an everyday basis. The combination of sun and chlorine can really dry out your hair! Always, always use conditioner! There are many conditioners out there that are specifically made for swimmers, but if you aren’t interested in investing in one of those just purchase a good moisturizing conditioner. If you want to learn even more about shampoo and conditioner (because it is just so riveting, I know, check out my Shampoo and Conditioner 101 post.) […]

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