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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

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Do you know what you are getting your significant other for Valentine’s Day? As silly as some people may think that Valentine’s Day is, I think that it is a really good reminder to show the people you love your appreciation. I know that it is something we should be doing on a daily basis, but going out of your way to treat someone you care about is important too! I love making Valentine’s Day a special day for not only my husband, but for my daughter too! Make sure you show your loved ones you care!

With that being said, I wanted to share some gift ideas in case you are feeling a little stuck as to what to get him/her this Valentine’s Day.

For him…

Any occasion that requires shopping for a man can be a difficult one. I hear a lot of women talk about how their husbands either don’t want to spend the money on gifts or they just go out and buy what they want/need as they want to instead of waiting for a holiday to come around. It can be tough! I talked to my husband and we brainstormed to come up with some great items that we think that most men would probably be excited about.

-Razor mail subscription: This was an idea from my husband and I thought it was genius! He hates going to the store to buy razors and it hurts to shave with a dull razor. With as many razor mail subscriptions there are out there, you are bound to find one that is just right for your husband.

– Box mail subscription: Maybe you don’t think the man in your life would be interested in getting razors every month. How about getting him a box subscription to something he would love? There are mail subscriptions to just about everything. You could get one for workout clothes, snacks, and even steak! There is bound to be one out there that will fit your man’s personality.

Record Player on

Record player: My husband bought a record player with some of his Christmas money and it has been such a fun addition to our home! He has loved collecting records and we have loved singing and dancing to the music that we can hear throughout the house. This record player is awesome because it is really affordable and it can convert records to your computer so that you can have them as mp3 files as well! The other great part about having a record player is that you can know what to get your man for many holidays to come because you can always get another record for their collection!

-Phone case: There are so many phone case styles available, a phone case would be a perfect gift. If your man is a little accident prone, get a nice phone case that will protect the phone really well. You can order or DIY a decal to put on the case to make it more customized as well.

-Gift card to get a haircut or shave: Guys like to get pampered just like the ladies do. Get your man a gift card to get a haircut from somewhere that you know they will go the extra mile to make him feel special. There are several places who offer a steamed towel during the shampoo, head and neck massages, etc that can go a long way to make a guy feel special. Getting a professional shave is something that a lot of men skip out on. Letting him experience a professional shave before your Valentine’s date can make him feel just as dolled up as you are on your date!

-Car detailing: If you can somehow get his car detailed and make it a surprise, kudos to you. You will most likely have to get him a gift card to get the car detailed and even make the appointment to have it done so that he knows when it is happening. Detailed cars feel just like brand new cars again. It feels great to have the car nice and clean and your man will love that!

For her…

These are some of the things that I would appreciate getting for Valentine’s Day that I know other women would also appreciate. If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas to tell your significant other, send him to this list so he can choose one of these options!

-Salon or spa gift card with a babysitter: Getting services done at a salon or spa is always a treat, but it doesn’t get done nearly as much as most women would wish. It doesn’t happen because of finances and children. Getting a gift card to go and get some services done at a salon or spa would be a major treat. To take it a step above that, getting a babysitter or just offering to watch the kids (without complaining about it) long enough for a day at the salon would take this gift even further!

Valentine Gift Idea Perfume on

Perfume: Receiving perfume that your significant other has chosen is a great gift! You can know that every time you wear that perfume, you are going to attract your significant other because they chose it for you. I have learned over the years that getting the nice perfume is even more fun! The scents stay on you and they smell incredible! Getting a nice perfume as a gift makes you feel really special that that person would give such a nice gift to you.

Bath products: It could be a gift card to Lush, bath bombs, or bubble bath. Give some products for a nice bath experience by getting items for the bath, plus candles and a good book or magazines to look at while relaxing in the tub. This is a thoughtful gift because she knows that you want her to be able to relax and have some time to herself.

Valentine Gift Idea Lingerie on

-Bras: This may seem a bit like a gift for the guy, but it can be a gift for both of you! Either you can go bra shopping together, or he can agree to let you buy nice bras that function for you and your lifestyle. You don’t have to go boring with the bras though, get some bras that he will be excited about! They can function the way you need to and look more like lingerie. I love these bras from Vanity Fair and Lily of France. They fit really well, they help hold everything where I want it to be, and they make me feel sassy!

Valentine Gift Idea on

There are tons of great bras that are available right now for the holiday!

I hope that these gift ideas are beneficial for you and your significant other this Valentine’s Day! No matter how you celebrate the holiday, make sure that the people you care about know that you love them!