Easy Chunky Braided Scarf Tutorial

It’s time for another installment of Throwback Thursday, people! Now that Fall is in full force and winter is peeking just around the corner, it is time for ALL of the layers! This chunky braided scarf is still one of my most favorite accessories I have ever made. Since I am NOT one to knit or crochet, braiding seemed like the best option for this stellar scarf.

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Chunky Braided Scarf

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I just can’t get enough of my Fall accessories. I love them all! Every once and a while, I get a crazy idea that I can’t get out of my brain and that’s exactly what happened when I thought of this crazy chunky braided scarf.

DIY Chunky Braided Scarf Tutorial on www.girllovesglam.com

Here is the craziest part. I made this in June! Yes, you heard me right… JUNE! Thankfully this crazy idea came just in time for when Jo-Ann stores asked me to be a part of their Fall look book. It was a perfect fit! The thing I love most about this scarf is that it looks like a cross between macrame and crochet, but it is neither! I don’t know how to do either of those things, but I CAN braid! This takes a lot of yarn, but it is super easy to make. To make your own, you need… [Read more…]

How to Make an Infinity Scarf from Old Shirt

Upcycled Infinity Scarf from Old T Shirt

I always think that Spring brings the most interesting weather. It is cold in the morning, then hot enough to wear your shorts in the afternoon. I love dressing in layers during Spring because I am able to take off layers as the day heats up. Layers are also a great way to add fun splashes of color to your wardrobe to really brighten up an outfit. My favorite way to layer up during the springtime is with a scarf! They are great because they can be any color or print and you won’t feel like you are being to wild with your outfit. They also can be made from so many different materials that make them easy to wear in any kind of weather. Scarves are even better when you can make them for free! While you are spring cleaning, find an old T-shirt that you still love the color or print, but just don’t want to continue wearing as a shirt and turn it into your new favorite infinity scarf for the season!

To make your own, you need…

*Old T-shirt

*Sewing machine


How to make infinity scarf from shirt

This is the shirt that I chose. I haven’t worn it for quite some time, but I still really loved the print and color of it. It was the perfect candidate for an upcycle!

how to make upcycled infinity scarf from shirt

The first thing you want to do, is cut off the top and the bottom of the t-shirt.

how to make an infinity scarf

If you wanted to have a more edgy look to your scarf, you could end this tutorial here. The jersey knit won’t fray so you could have an edgy, unfinished look to your scarf if you wanted to. I don’t really recommend doing that if you have a printed fabric because you will be able to see the wrong side of the fabric with the faded colors on the inside of your scarf, but for a solid color, this would work out well.

infinity scarf diy

Fold the right sides of the fabric together and sew along the edge. Do this all the way around.

how to sew an infinity scarf from tshirt

Cut your scarf along one of the seams from the shirt. Pull the scarf right side out.

diy infinity scarf tutorial

Fold scarf in half and pin the edges together. Then, sew a straight line across them to sew them together. Cut off any extra fabric off of that seam. You could also do the hard way of sewing them together by pinning one side to the other side and then sewing in a circle around the edge of the scarf and finishing it off with a hand sewn seam, but I am all about quick, easy, and uncomplicated so I went with the easier route.

cheap infinity scarf tutorial

Now you have yourself a gorgeous new infinity scarf to wear this spring! I actually made mine for my daughter because I am totally in love with kids’ scarves right now.

diy kid infinity scarf how to

These scarves are so easy to whip up, you will be making them for the whole family!

Now that you are a pro at making scarves, make sure to check out this tutorial to make two infinity scarves out of one yard of fabric too!

Infinity Scarf

How to make a simple infinity scarf

I saw this fabric and I KNEW I had to do something with it. It was the perfect, colorful tribal print. I knew it was perfect for a scarf (or two!)and the best part is, it was in the selvage section!
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You should all be shocked. I whipped out the sewing machine. This ISN’T a no sew tutorial! Don’t worry though. There are only two seams involved. To make an infinity scarf of your own, you need…

#tutorial #howto #diy #accessory
* One yard of fabric
* sewing machine
* scissors
* rotary cutter and mat (optional)
* ruler
#tutorial #diy #howto
First, you want to cut your fabric in half lengthwise so that each of your strips are each a yard long. This will give you your two scarves.
#infinity #accessory #tutorial #diy
With right sides together, fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Pin the edges together.
#tutorial #diy #sew
Sew the edges together.
#tutorial #diy #sew
Flip your tube right side out.
This is where it can get a tiny bit tricky. Fold your tube in half so your edges are by each other. Pin the right sides of the edges together. You won’t be able to pin the entire edge together because it goes around in a circle and you want to be able to get your sewing machine in there. Pin about 75% of it together.
#tutorial #diy #scarf #eternity
Sew along where you pinned the edges together. You will have one little hole left.
Flip the edges of your fabric right sides out and sew up the little hole on the edge.
Now you are done! SO easy, right?! I plan on busting a few more of these out when I find more fabric I can’t live without.
If you just can’t get enough of this scarf, check out my braided scarf tutorial too! No knitting or crocheting necessary!
DIY Chunky Braided Scarf Tutorial on www.girllovesglam.com