Easy Fall Confetti Nail Art

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I love all of the beautiful red violet that is showing up this season. You can see it in clothing, makeup, and even in hair color this time of year. I love embracing these seasonal colors, but instead of investing so much into purchasing a whole new red violet wardrobe or dying my hair right now,  I decided to go with a fun Fall manicure! I find doing my nails to be pretty therapeutic and love how just having my nails done can make my confidence boost a little.

Easy Confetti Nail Art Tutorial for Fall on www.girllovesglam.com [Read more…]

Easy Retro Fruit Nail Art

Easy Retro Fruit Nail Art with Polka Dots. Super simple instructions to create your own watermelon and pineapple nail art on www.girllovesglam.com

Sometimes I see something and I am instantly inspired to create something similar. This wasn’t always the case when it came to nail art. I used to see different nail art techniques and was then inspired to do something similar with my own twist to it, but never really anything that was inspired by something that wasn’t already nail art. It wasn’t until I went to go get my nails done by a crazy talented girl I work with that I realized that you could be inspired by anything for nail art. She did my nails inspired by an adorable grouping of pillows she had seen. It blew. me. away.

Once I saw that, I realized I could be inspired by everything around me. This was totally the case when I saw this [Read more…]

Gold and Mint Polka Dot Shirt Tutorial

Are you as excited for Spring as I am? I am not only excited about the warm weather, but I am excited about the fashion that comes with the warmer weather! I love all of the colors that start showing up in clothing during the Spring. My favorite combination lately has been mint and gold. I think it is the perfect combination for the Spring! I wanted a shirt that had both of those colors in it, but couldn’t find one. So what did I do? I made my own of course! Wouldn’t you?

DIY Gold and Mint Polka Dot Shirt

The best part about this shirt is that it is so dang easy to make! To make your own, you need…

DIY Polka Dot Shirt

*Mint paint. I mixed these two different Martha Stewart colors because I didn’t find a perfect mint that I liked.

*Gold paint. I mixed these two gold paint colors to create the color I wanted.

*Round sponge brushes

*White shirt. Mine is a Hanes men’s v neck shirt. If you don’t already know this secret, the men’s v neck Hanes shirts are THE BEST v neck shirts ever.

How to Make a polka dot shirt

Making this shirt is really easy. Just dip the sponge brush into the paint and tap the majority of the paint off of it onto the side of the bowl. Then put a dot onto the shirt. Make sure that you put cardboard in your shirt so it doesn’t bleed through. Something I discovered later, is that this shirt would look awesome if you paint the inside and then wear it right side out with the polka dots peeking through. It looks kind of like a burnt out tee. I just eyeballed how far apart to make the polka dots because I wanted it to be a little more whimsical, and less straight and perfect. I traded off doing mint and gold rows, but you could do any sort of pattern or no pattern at all if you wanted too. I think any assortment of these two colors would be amazing.

DIY Polka Dot Shirt Tutorial

Go along your entire shirt and let the paint dry. Keep in mind that the paint will probably change colors a little bit as it dries. My gold paint lightened up a lot after it dried, which is what I was hoping for.

DIY Gold and Mint Polka Dot Shirt

After your paint is dry, you can rock your new creation and feel all ready for Spring!

If you need your nails to match your new shirt, try this tutorial for this Gold and Mint Polka Dot Nail Art too!

Gold and Mint Polka Dot Nail Art

Gold and Mint Spring Polka Dot Nail Art

I teamed up with nine other bloggers to bring you some fun gold projects inspired by gold! Go check all of them out!

Image Map

My gold inspired project, is this awesome Gold and Mint Spring Polka Dot Nail Art!

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Spring Gold and Mint Polka Dot Nail Art

 The signs of spring are finally starting to show and I can’t wait to embrace the soft colors and and lightweight clothing. One thing I can’t wait to do this spring is incorporate gold into my wardrobe. When you mix fun spring colors with gold, magical things happen. It is the perfect way to transition your winter wardrobe to spring! I couldn’t wait any longer to embrace the spring season so I brought it in in a little way… my nails! These gold and mint spring polka dot nails are so easy to do and can have the colors switched so you can embrace any season! For these nails you need…

Spring Nail Art Tutorial

*Mint finger nail polish (Honestly, this polish is really old. I have no idea where it is from but Essie has a great mint color)

*Gold glitter nail polish

*Gold nail polish (this matte gold polish from OPI is perfection)

*Clear top coat polish

*Two paint brushes with small tips

Spring nail art tutorial on www.girllovesglam.com #tutorial #beauty #nails

First, paint all of your nails but your ring finger with two coats of mint polish. I chose to paint one pinky with the matte gold polish. Paint the ring fingers with the gold glitter nail polish.

Nail Art Tutorial

Put a little gold polish and mint polish on a paper plate.

polka dot nail art tutorial on www.girllovesglam.com #tutorial #beauty

Dip the brush in the gold nail polish and put dots in a line on your nail and move along down the nail. Do this on all of the mint colored nails. Next, dip the other paint brush in the mint nail polish and do one or two little stripes on your gold glitter polished nails.

After your nails have all dried, put the clear top coat on them and you are done!

Gold and Mint Polka Dot Nail Art on www.girllovesglam.com #beauty #nail #tutorial

They are the perfect way to add a little spring color to your wardrobe!

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Confetti Polka Dot Vinyl Wall Accents

I have been on a polka dot kick lately. My husband totally teases me about it too. I wear them basically all of the time and so does my daughter. I can’t help it! They are cute and totally in style right now! There were a few spots in my little girl’s room that needed an extra something. I didn’t know what that was until I saw some polka dot confetti. I was instantly inspired to add a few dots to her wall in bunches to give it that something it was missing before! Before you see pictures, I must apologize, her room has exactly ZERO natural light. Pictures are really hard to take in there, so of course it all looks tons better in person, but you get the idea…

DIY Polka Dot Confetti Wall via www.girllovesglam.com #decor #tutorial

You will need…

*Silhouette or Cricut

*Indoor vinyl (I used a glitter one too)

Making polka dots on Silhouette studio via www.girllovesglam.com #cameo #silhouette #vinyl

First, in Silhouette Studio, make several circles using the circle tool. Make them in many different sizes. Cut out these on each color of vinyl.

Gallery wall before

Find a wall that needs a little “something” and start adding dots to it! I recommend starting with a few of the bigger ones and then work around those with the smaller ones. Make it be a little random so that it looks more confetti like and less polka dot like.

Adding confetti polka dots to a gallery wall can be a perfect girly accent. Idea via www.girllovesglam.com #decor #polkadot #vinyl

It literally takes about 3 minutes to put these up on the wall and it adds to much to the space! I couldn’t get enough of these sweet little dots, so I had to take on another wall too.

Shelf area before

This wall is fine on its own but I felt like it needed to be glammed up a little bit with something girly and cute.

Polka dot confetti wall decor via www.girllovesglam.com #decor #polka #dot #vinyl

I think these confetti polka dots were just what the doctor ordered for my little girl’s room! Not only are they so easy and totally on trend right now, but they can easily be removed when we get sick of polka dots! Like that will ever happen…