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have been looking for the perfect artwork for my house. I love colorful artwork and have been on the hunt for a graphic, colorful floral print, but haven’t ever found the right colors for my house. When I went to Build Your Blog Conference this year, I learned about a new company that I just knew I would love. They are called Modify Ink and YOU GUYS… They are amazing! It is a website that has tons of really great art that has been designed, BUT you can change up any of the colors within the design to match your decor perfectly. How perfect is that?!

Modify Ink Custom Artwork on

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Colorful Corner Gallery Wall

How to create a corner gallery wall on

Rentals can be no fun. After owning my own home and taking on projects to make it my own, it is hard to live somewhere that I can’t make any major changes to. However, I do appreciate not having to pay for the random repairs that have come up since living in our rental. I have been able to keep my decorating sanity with a hammer and nails and of course some Command Strips too, because heaven knows, I am obsessed with those things.

Our bedroom felt like it needed something funky that would make it feel like our own space. Of course there is the option of a traditional gallery wall, but why go traditional, when there is a corner just begging to turn into something more?

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Ikea Wooden Boxes… Three Ways!

Have you ever looked at a typical item at the store and thought, “Hey! I can do something special with that!” like some of we crazy bloggers do? Well, Studio 5 gave me the challenge to do JUST that with an Ikea item of my choice. I chose the Ikea Dragan wooden bathroom boxes. I knew there was a lot of potential! I came up with 3 different things to do with these awesome boxes!

Ikea Dragan Boxes Three Ways

Just wait til you see what the other bloggers who took this Ikea challenge came up with too! First up for me… A jewelry box!

Ikea wooden jewelry box how to on #diy #tutorial #jewelry

I love how it turned out. It is chic, modern, and brings all of my favorite pieces of jewelry right up front and at my fingertips. To make your own, you need…

*Ikea Dragan Box



Ikea Wood Jewelry Box Tutorial

Use a small drill bit to drill holes into the sides of the lid of the box. Do them in pairs. These will be the holes for the earrings. I put holes in all four sides, but only recommend putting them in 2 sides. Having earrings on all four sides made it hard to put the lid back on the box.

Ikea Wooden Jewelry Box Tutorial

Now put earrings in the holes that you drilled. Put rings in the lid and bracelets in the box! I chose to put some of my favorite items and other items that I forget to wear so that I can see them and get to them more easily!

Now for the artwork!

Ikea wooden box geometric neon artwork on #diy #decor #tutorial

This is totally the best part of my new gallery wall! It was so dang easy to make too! Here’s what you need…

Ikea Geometric Artwork Supplies

*Ikea Dragan box set

*Neon paint colors

*Paint brushes

*Picture Hanging Command Strips

Neon Ikea Geometric Art Tutorial

Take your neon paint and paint the insides of the boxes. These took quite a few coats of paint. Then take the Command Strips and stick them to the back.

Geometric Neon Art

Stick it to your wall in whatever order you want them to be in! Even better? Add a cute Salty Bison sign next to them. Amazing, right?

Now for the last one… The car quiet game!

Dress Up Doll Car Quiet Game

I have been on the hunt for a fun quiet game to entertain my 19 month old on our long car rides. I made a dress up doll for her to play with to keep her nice and entertained! Here is what you need to make your own…

Ikea Quiet Game Dress Up Supplies

*Ikea Dragan box


*Dress up doll- I got my dress up doll kit at a yard sale, but you could buy your own or even use pictures of your family members and cut the heads, bodies, and legs apart that you can mix and match.

Ikea Dress Up Doll Quiet Game How To

Cut apart your dress up doll and add Velcro to each of your pieces. Put a piece of Velcro on the bottom of the lid and one on the back of the doll to stick onto the Velcro. This is so that you can take the doll off and play with it anywhere!

Ikea Felt Dress Up Doll Quiet Game

Now it is the fun part. Dress the doll up however you want!

Ikea Doll Quiet Game

The really awesome part? You store all of the dress up clothes in the box and close the top of it to store in your car for the days your kids are in need of some entertainment!

Now you can see all of the great projects from the other bloggers too! Here is our Studio 5 segment…

Pressed Faux Flower Petal Art

I am excited to tell you about a new thing I am doing! I have teamed up with a few other bloggers to bring monthly themed projects to you! It will happen every third Wednesday of the month. Each month, there will be a different theme that we have to create a project inspired by. This month the theme is flowers! That means there will be tons of great flower projects for you to see today! You can find all of them if you click on the photo below.

My project this month is pressed faux flower petal art. I used to love pressing flowers that I would find during the summer and seeing what they looked like at the end of the summer so I could look at them all winter long. Pressed flowers bring back a lot of fun memories for me. I think that they make a great decor item for spring too. The problem? I live in Idaho. Most of the flowers here have not bloomed yet! To solve that problem, I used faux flowers and I think it looks pretty darn close to the real deal.

Pressed Faux Flower Petal Artwork on #decor #craft #floral

It is a really easy project that I think can add a lot of color and life to your decor. The great part about it is that you can do any types of flowers or plants that really fit your style. I wanted something bright and colorful to bring a lot of life to my room. To make your own, here is what you need…
pressed flower art supplies
*Picture frame
*Faux flowers
*Paper cutter
Flower Petal Artwork How To
Cut your paper to the size of the picture frame. Lay out your flower petals on the paper to get an idea of what it will look like when it is squished in the picture frame. Arrange the flowers the way you want them to be in the frame.
Pressed Flower Art Craft
Lay the flowers out the way you wanted them to look onto the glass of your picture frame. If you want them to go a certain direction, remember to lay them the opposite direction that they were when they were laying on the paper.
pressed flower petal art
Put the paper behind the flowers and put the back of the picture frame on. Viola! You are done. Isn’t that a great, easy way to bring your decor to life? Now go create something inspired by flowers!
I’m linking this to these great parties here!

Christmas Pop Art

You know how sometimes you are doing your everyday routine and then all of a sudden, BAM an idea comes and smacks you like a ton of bricks? This happened to me in October. I remember because I was at a store surrounded by Halloween decor. Right then, I thought of Christmas decor. Weird, I know, but that is just how my brain works! Months later, my brainchild came alive.
I love having decor that is unique to my family and that adds a little humor to our home. I wanted to create pop art style pictures from our three favorite Christmas movies. What better way to do that than by adding some of our favorite quotes from the movies too?! I emailed my friends at Poppyseed Projects and they hooked me up with the stuff I needed to make this project come to life.
Here’s what you need to make your own…
Vinyl (I only ended up using the red)
Poppyseed Projects photo texturizing cream
Vinyl cutter (I used my Silhouette Cameo)
Command Picture Hanging Strips
First, paint all of the plaques the color you want them to be. This took about 2 coats of paint.
Next, using your vinyl cutter, cut out the silhouettes of the characters that you want and the quotes that you want to add to them too. Put them onto your plaques. Paint the texturizing cream on over the top of the plaque to seal all of the vinyl onto the plaque and add a little texture to it.
Add the Command Strips to the backs of each of your plaques. I put two on the back of each of them. Hang them up where you want them to be! I love Command Strips because they let you hang things up without it being super permanent. You are done! It is a really simple project that makes a huge impact. 
Every time I walk by them, I can’t help but giggle. I love them! A short story about the quote we chose for the leg lamp… When Dave was a little kid, he watched A Christmas Story for the first time at his grandma’s house. When they get the leg lamp and the neighbor asks what it is and he turns and says “It’s a lamp you nincompoop!”, Dave fell off of his chair laughing because it was the first time he had heard that word. He wanted to have this quote on here badly and I let him! Now, we have the word “poop” in our Christmas decor. I love the quirk it brings to our decor. 
What quotes and movies would you use?
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