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Regina George?! Is that you?

Have you ever been in an awkward situation? I am sure you have. If you haven’t, either you are too awkward to realize it or I need to take some advice from you. Yesterday I had some interesting, awkward moments. I had some interesting personal Facebook messages coming in my direction that were, lesbihonest (name that movie) more than uncomfortable. Have you ever had someone make a mean comment on your blog or something and you think, “oh, I should just take the high road and delete it and forget about it”? Well, yesterday, the old McKenzie came out when I got some interesting Facebook messages.
Yep. I was Regina George. Ok, maybe I wasn’t that bad. But, I used to be kind of a mean girl. I did, in fact slap a girl in the face so hard it left my hand print on her face for the rest of the day… in kindergarten. Yep, the kitty claws came out. 
I feel like there are times that you need to be “respectful” and times when you just have to defend yourself and your turf and say it how it is. There is a fine line between the two. Let’s just say that I started with the first, then had to go with my second option! 
Blogging isn’t always washi tape and rainbows people! It’s some serious shiz. I try to keep things semi professional so that readers and brands can take me fo’ real, but when I am accused of being unprofessional and have my character attacked, I go from blogger to word ninja. Have you ever been in a “heated discussion” on Facebook, email, texting etc. and you just wait for that person’s response and you are sitting there by your phone/computer for their response and you are kind of bouncing there waiting, waiting, thinking of all of the other things you should have said… Then BOOM there is the response. Your heart pounds as you read it and you get more fired up and you can’t seem to type fast enough to get your response back out? No? Oh, well that is how it is for me. Maybe I am a little too emotionally infested. Either way, sometimes I feel like it is ok to stand up for yourself and get a little Regina on someone. That is what I did. Yep. I punched her in the face. Ok, no I didn’t. I just said a few things to put my point out there and that was it, after a few rounds of back and forth. 
Honestly though, the point is, blogging isn’t as fluffy as many people seem to think it is. It can be tough. You deal with crazy hours, crazy households, and crazy people. It is part of this crazy life I chose. I wouldn’t choose any other hobby/job in the world though. I love it and honestly, I don’t wish anything bad on a blogger. I say “go team blogger” for anyone trying to make it in this sometimes fierce, cruel world. I hope that I let them know that in the end. BUT you have been warned. I’ve got a little Regina in me.
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Kimbo West

Wednesday 6th of February 2013

some people's children! rude people are part of life. the part of life we should shove in the toilet and flush. gretchen weiners out.

Megan @ crafter club

Tuesday 5th of February 2013

baaaahahaha hahah I love that you pasted your face on Regina's! haha too good! Also, seriously, people are lame! Why do they feel the need to write rude, unnessesary comments on blogs/fb/twitter/etc. It's like, grow up-right?! I personally think that you are one in a million-in a fantastic kind of way! Keep it up, and do you Kenz!

Megan @ crafter club

Tuesday 5th of February 2013

hahha I looove that you pasted your face on Regina!!! so great! also, people are lame for making rude, unnecessary comments on blogs/fb/twitter/etc. grow up, right?! haha I think you are one in a million-in like a fantastic way! Do you Kenz!


Tuesday 5th of February 2013

Oh my goodness girl sometimes I feel like we are soul sisters. I had a similar situation just a few weeks before Christmas. I had to stand up for myself. They told me they were just being honest and that I was being too defensive and emotional although I was in the right and she was the one attacking me. The hardest part is I thought this person was a friend. But I had had it and I was not going to let her walk all over me and tell me I was unprofessional and emotional. I try to be kind, take the high road and ignore the mean but sometimes you just gotta fight back! I totally get you. I am the same way when you are just sitting there waiting waiting on the computer seeing what next mean thing they are going to say to you. I wish I could give you a hug. You are awesome. Your blog is awesome!

Tara Siddoway

Tuesday 5th of February 2013

You go girl. That's basically all I have to say!