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One of those “Mommy Moments”

WARNING! What you are about to read may be disturbing to some audiences. It is all about bodily functions! The joys of motherhood.

It all started last night. Dave got Harper ready for bed and put her in what we like to call “The Cursed Onesie”. The onesie itself is a darling Calvin Klein one that came in a package from Ross. I love them! They are similar to these. The cursed one is like the white one in the front.


When I walked in the nursery and saw what onesie Harper was wearing, I asked Dave, “Are you sure you want to put her in THAT onesie?”. He said he thought she would be fine because she had already pooped that day. The story behind the onesie is… We had just switched Harper over from breast milk, to formula. She got plugged, bad! She would poop only once every, other day. We had a very sad baby. Every time she would poop. It was a nasty, need a bath after, kind of blow out. Every time she needed the bath, she was wearing that forbidden onesie! Needless to say, that dang onesie has been prewashed more times than I can count. Now flash to this morning…

Harper was taking a nap in her crib. She started crying. I noticed that it would be close to the time that she should be getting hungry so I made her a bottle and went into her nursery to feed her. It stunk, but I assumed it was probably just gas. When I picked her up to feed her, I discovered it was much more than gas. She was laying in poop. Lots of it. I immediately took the bottle out of her mouth and took her to the changing table. I carefully took off her nightgown and THE onesie that were now covered in the nasty stuff too and threw it on the floor so I could prewash it later. I wiped Harper down and got a bath going. When I took Harper off of the changing mat, there was a perfect imprint of a baby bum. That would be cute, except it was made of poop! Haha.

I got Harper in the bathtub and was giving her a bath. We don’t normally bathe her in our bathtub, but it was my only option at this moment. When I went to wash off her bum, she got a mouth full of water. It broke my heart. She HATED it and was very ready to get out.

I got her in her room and put her in a diaper when I heard something behind me. To my dismay, my puppy Sadie was rubbing her body all over the poopy clothes! Seriously? GROSS! I hurried and grabbed the clothes and threw them out of Sadie’s reach and attended to my now screaming baby. I decided that getting her dressed wasn’t as important as getting her fed so I scooped her up in her diaper and started feeding her.

That is when Sadie decided to start whining to go outside and go potty herself! I laid Harper down in her crib, she threw a fit, and I let Sadie out in the snow (yep, we got snow in April last night). I went back to feed Harper again until I heard that Sadie was ready to come inside. I laid Harper down once again, she freaked, and I went to let Sadie back in. That is when I saw that she was stuck. Her chain had been wrapped around too many times and she couldn’t come to the door. I had to go out with no shoes on, in my robe to let her back in.

I went into Harper’s room, finished feeding her, got her dressed, and was able to breathe again. Then I looked over and saw what it was all about.


My sweet baby girl, in her big girl outfit today laying by my very patient puppy. These girls make me smile everyday.


Then the especially cute one gives me this face. It reminds me that instead of freaking out over “Mommy Moments” I need to embrace them. They are bound to happen and that smile can get me through just about anything. Now to prewash THE onesie again…

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Tyrel and Brianne Garner

Tuesday 10th of April 2012

I swear dogs love poop!!!! Chewie LOVES to roll in cow poop! soooo nasty

Tyson and Jacquelin

Saturday 7th of April 2012

I love this story! Logan has a onsie like that too!

Rutt Family

Friday 6th of April 2012

Gotta love mommy moments! Sadie and Harper are just preparing you for what it will be like two have two screamng baby and a crazy toddler! Having two has been a lot d fun, but the mommy moments can be crazy! You will be well prepared :)

Alli @ Cupcake Diaries

Friday 6th of April 2012

Ha ha oh my gosh! What an ordeal! Those "Mommy Moments" are just the best ha ha. Brycen has a pair of jammies that are THE jammies. He poops SO bad every time he wears them. Last time he had it going up his back and he wouldn't let me change him. He was rolling around the floor getting it EVERYWHERE. I was alone, of course, and just wanted to cry!