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Non-Candy Halloween Idea and Printable

Non-Candy Halloween Idea and Printable

I’ve partnered with NESTLE® PURE LIFE® to create this post! Enjoy!

As you probably already know, my family has made some pretty big changes in the past year. We have wanted to be healthy for quite a while, but it wasn’t until the past year that we really took that goal seriously and made some major changes for our family. It has been a life changing experience and I am so grateful that we are doing it together! One thing that can be really difficult when you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle is celebrating holidays. One holiday that can be a major problem is Halloween. The entire holiday is centered around candy!

I love the idea of having a non-candy option to hand out on Halloween, or to take to class parties! There are many families trying to live more nutritious lives and many children who suffer from allergies that prevent them from enjoying Halloween candy. Handing out an item that isn’t candy can be a really great option. NESTLE® PURE LIFE® “Share-A-Scare™” Halloween Bottles are a perfect non-candy option! They are small enough that they can fit in little hands and they have adorable Halloween images on them!

Non Candy Halloween Idea and Printable

Nestle Pure Life Halloween on

Adding a little tag to the bottles can be a fun way to really personalize these when you are giving them out at class parties. I made a fun, little printable to go along with it and I just love how the bottles look with these adorable tags attached!

Non-Candy Halloween on

They are such a simple way to personalize a small gift.

Printable Halloween Tags on

You can print off your own tags by following the link below.

Eat, Drink, and be Scary Tags

Once you have printed out your tags and cut them out, punch a small hole through the top and thread some twine through the hole.

Easy Halloween Tags on

Tie the tags around the bottles and you have yourself some adorable bottles that are ready to give to the little ghouls and goblins coming!

Easy Halloween Drink Tags on

I love that we have a healthier option than candy to hand out this year because I always end up eating the leftover candy at our house. I won’t be worried if we have leftover Nestlé Pure Life water at our house because it is actually something I want! As soon as I started putting the tags on these darling bottles, I got the urge to throw a neighborhood Halloween party. I love hosting parties and I know that these bottles would be a huge hit for both the parents and the children attending the party.

Halloween Water Bottles on


This Halloween season, think about what you really want to give as your trick-or-treat handout. Before you automatically reach for the bag of candy, think about handing out NESTLE® PURE LIFE® “Share-A-Scare™” Halloween Bottles that both the kids and parents will appreciate!

Eat Drink and Be Scary Drink Tag on

How are you going to celebrate Halloween this year? Could you give out NESTLE® PURE LIFE® “Share-A-Scare™” Halloween Bottles at your next Halloween party? Find them at a store near you by visiting