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Lighting Love

Lighting Love

There are many different things that can make a room design special, but there aren’t many things that make as big of an impact as the lighting in a room. Not only does the light itself help bring in the type of mood you are trying to create, but the style of the lights can really impact the entire vibe of the room! I love looking at different types of lighting, even when I am not necessarily in the market for any new lamps or lights. I feel like they inspire me and give me an idea of what kind of trends there are in home decor at the moment.

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When I was doing my office makeover, I got a lot of my decor for it from Lamps Plus. When I was looking for the right decor, I couldn’t help but be swept away in all of the gorgeous lighting options they offer. I even loved some so much that I saved them in my bookmarks in hopes to own them one day. Instead of hoarding all of these gorgeous lighting ideas to myself, I decided to show you them too. If I can’t enjoy them right now, someone should be able to!

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1. Industrial Cage Ceiling Light | 2. Edison Bulb Multi Light Pendant | 3. Glass Orbs Ceiling Light | 4. Brass and Mercury Accent Light | 5. Wall Sconce | 6. Gold Table Lamp | 7. Wire Cage Floor Lamp | 8. Industrial Atom Pendant Light | 9. Galvanized Ceiling Light | 10. Chrome Pendant Light

You have GOT to tell me if you end up getting one of these for your home. I want to be able to see someone enjoy these beauties! Obviously we don’t all have the same taste as me, but if you love lighting as much as I do but aren’t in love with the ones I chose, check out Lamps Plus and share your favorites with me!

I was given product for my office makeover in exchange for this post, but was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are 100% my own.