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Life at home

We brought Harper home from the hospital just over a week ago. There have been some things that have surprised me, and others that I pretty much expected.


Something that has surprised me, is how alert she is now! She is like a totally different baby! She doesn’t even really look like she did a week ago! I love just talking to her when she is wide eyed and awake. I knew that I would love being with her, but I didn’t realize how much I would love to hang out with her when she is so alert. One night, I was surprised to learn that she wanted to be alert all night long! Needless to say, Harper had a pretty grumpy mom when it got to be about 2:30 am and there was not one little ounce of sleep happening. Luckily, Harper has an awesome daddy who was willing to give this momma a break!


I knew that Dave would be a good daddy. When we were dating, I remember falling in love with him when he told me about wanting to have tea parties with his future daughter. He was so excited to become a dad, but I have still been surprised with just how involved he likes to be. It is so nice to be able to know that Dave will take care of Harper so that I can do things like blog, nap, or just therapeutically clean something! He talks to Harper constantly and makes up silly little songs all of the time. It has been such a neat experience to see him be a father and I am so blessed to have him be Harper’s daddy.


Something that I knew would be fun is dressing Harper up. The thing I was NOT expecting, was having such a teeny tiny baby that wouldn’t fit in anything she has! It is crazy to think that newborn sizes are too big. It is still pretty darn fun to get her dolled up and I am just now getting more comfortable with leaving her hats off sometimes. She is still supposed to have hats and layers on to help her regulate her temperature and build the fat she needs, but she has been doing pretty well, so she has a few days that she gets to go “hatless” and it is really fun to see her hair!


Speaking of her hair, I expected that Harper would have curly hair. Dave has curly/wavy hair, and I have curly hair. What I didn’t expect, was that it would be as curly as it is! There have been a few days that I have been able to scrunch it with baby lotion and it looks so darn cute. Most days, it is covered by a hat though. Did you notice her full cheeks and double chin emerging?


I can’t get over how much Harper has changed in the short nearly 3 weeks of her life, and just in the last week of being home. She is developing a personality and will even shoot us a little grin here and there. Needless to say, even with the lack of sleep, hours of pumping and trying to nurse, and the constant changing of diapers (along with the girl that seems to pee/poop on the fresh diaper before it even gets done up), I sure love this little girl!

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M. Jorgensen

Tuesday 24th of January 2012

I am so glad that she is home and doing so well! She is so cute and so tiny!!


Tuesday 24th of January 2012

Children are so amazing, and each stage is so much fun. Its awesome that you are documenting it all here! It will be so fun to look at when she gets bigger.