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Doily lamp knockoff TUTORIAL!

If you haven’t seen this lovely photo being pinned left and right, you probably live under a rock.


Well, I really wanted to make one of these lamps, UNTIL I saw that doilies could cost me between $3-10 each and I would have to use wallpaper glue. I wanted to come up with an alternative. Introducing the Doily Lamp Knockoff…


I knew that I was going to have no intensions of putting a light in my doily lamp, so my best alternative was a Chinese lantern. It may not look just like the doily lamp, but I am happy with my end result regardless!

Here is what you need…

*Vinyl, vinyl cutter, doily images, vinyl cutting software


*Purchase doily vinyl decals from my Etsy shop.

*Chinese lantern


If you are making the lantern using your own vinyl and cutter, purchase your doily images. Mine were purchased from Crestock. Edit your images, then cut them out on your vinyl in varied styles and sizes.

doily lamp1doily lamp2doily lamp3

For everyone…

Pop up your lantern and get it all assembled.

doily lamp5

Peel off one of your vinyl doilies and begin sticking it onto your lantern.

doily lamp6

As you stick the vinyl to your lantern, clip a few slits into it so that it lays on the round surface. It is best if these slits are distributed through the doily and not just in one place.

doily lamp7

Repeat these steps for all of your doilies until it is as covered as you would like with all of your different styles and sizes.

doily lamp9

It is that simple.

doily lamp10

I love the result!

doily lamp11

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