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Geek Gift Idea

Geek Gift Idea

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Groupon Gift Shop. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have a technology loving husband. He gets really excited about new gadgets and random facts about technology. I grew up with my dad being the exact same way. I can’t poke fun too much though, because I love technology too! I knew that I wanted to find the perfect gift for my husband, but everything technology related is so expensive. Thankfully, I finally came up with the perfect geek gift idea!

My husband has been really interested in learning how to code. He has taught himself a few things, but he has really wanted to take a coding class. Groupon has a few coding class options and I found the PERFECT one for Dave!

The only problem, is giving a piece of printed off paper just isn’t that exciting. I wanted to be able to still wrap something up! I was able to find this really techy looking notebook that could be customized online. I ordered it with his name on it so he has the perfect place to take coding notes. I also got him a pen with a highligher on the other side so he can take notes and highlight the most important ones when he needs to go back and check his notes out. The contact case was just a fun, quirky little gift I decided to throw in because it looked geeky and we get our contact cases mixed up regularly.

I can’t wait until he opens this gift! He will be so surprised and excited to start learning more about what he is really passionate about. You can find tons of great Christmas gifts on Groupon! Give your loved ones experiences instead of random gifts!

Do you have a geek you are shopping for this Christmas? What are you getting them?

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