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Family Gift Ideas Everyone Will Enjoy

Family Gift Ideas Everyone Will Enjoy

This holiday season, I’m swapping gifts with another blogger for her entire family for eBay’s holiday gift exchange. I’ve partnered with eBay to create this post! Enjoy!

I still remember receiving family gifts when I was younger. It may sound strange, but the thoughts of getting a gift as a family was almost more exciting to me than getting an individual gift! It was always such a mystery to see what gift would fit our entire family. It was so much fun to see what the gift givers thought our family would enjoy. Those gifts still go down as some of my favorite gifts I have ever been able to enjoy!

I love the idea of giving a family gift. Instead of purchasing several smaller gifts, you can put your entire gifting budget to one big item that everyone can enjoy. Most of those bigger ticket items aren’t things that families would typically think to spend their own money on, so they make really great gifts! 

I put together a few suggestions to help you find the perfect gift when you need family gift ideas!


I loved searching for great gift ideas on eBay. It is a site that I can trust and I know that it is full of an incredible variety of items! No matter what types of things the family enjoys, eBay is sure to have something that would make a perfect gift for them!

eBay Gift Guide on

It was so easy to find great gift ideas on eBay. It is a site that I can trust and I know that it is full of an incredible variety of items! No matter what types of things the family enjoys, eBay is sure to have something that would make a perfect gift for them!

I had the opportunity to find what I thought would be a perfect family gift for a fellow blogger. After doing a lot of searching, I decided on this great popcorn machine! My parents have a theater popcorn machine and it is has been a perfect addition to family movie nights. I hope the family I am giving this to will enjoy it as much as my family has!

Theater Popcorn Maker

Theater Popcorn Machine

Now for the rest of the items that I think would all make great family gifts!

Indoor Trampoline

Indoor Trampoline: I have several friends who own indoor trampolines. They are such a great way for kids to get out their energy, no matter what the weather is like outside!

Phone Printer

Phone Printer: Instead of carrying around a camera that can print off pictures instantly, you can print off any beloved photos on your phone with a phone printer that can work instantly! 

Frozen Yogurt Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Soft serve Ice Cream Maker: Making custom ice cream would be the perfect family activity. Family ice cream outings can get quite expensive and aren’t nearly as fun as creating your own ice cream at home!

Game Table on

Game Table: We got a game table with multiple games on it for Christmas one year and we loved it! I really enjoyed learning how to play the different games. Things got a little competitive after we all seemed to master each game. It brought hours of family entertainment!

Apple TV on

Apple TV: Streaming favorite shows as a family can not only give a family something to do together, but it can save them a lot of money on their cable bill! I think giving an Apple TV as a family gift would be something a family of any age would be excited about.

teepee on

Teepee: If it is intended to be put in a reading nook or just to be used to play in, a teepee would be a perfect family gift! It brings a lot of entertainment for the kids and it is cute enough that it wouldn’t even bother mom to keep it up all of the time!

Pizza Oven on

Pizza Oven: Making individual pizzas for dinner can be a really fun family activity. Having the perfect place to cook those pizzas would make for a great family gift! I know a pizza oven would be a huge hit at our house!

Basketball Arcade Game on

Basketball Arcade Game: Shooting hoops as a family can be a great activity to do together. Having a basketball arcade game is not only a fun way to have a little friendly competition, but it is something that can be played with all year long!

Lazer Tag Game on

Lazer Tag: Playing lazer tag as a family can really bring out surprising sides of family members you didn’t know they had! A family lazer tag set truly would be perfect for families of any age. You can probably also count on your gift being the coolest gift the family ever receives!

10 Family Gift Ideas on

Now you are fully equipped to give a pretty incredible family gift this year! You can be sure to find great deals on the perfect family gifts on eBay. With the Buy it Now option, you don’t even have to worry about the hassle of bidding. You can find a thoughtful gift without breaking the bank this holiday season. I think everyone wins in that case, don’t you?

What family gifts have you given or received?


Deranged Gifts

Wednesday 13th of March 2019

Really enjoyed reading about the cool gift ideas. That teepee is on my wish list for my cool! Thanks for sharing!