Coconut Lavender After Swim Leave In Conditioner

One topic I get asked a lot about is hair care when it comes to swimming. Honestly, every head of hair is so different when it comes to the way it responds to chlorine! It is hard to give general advice when it comes to swim hair care, but one thing that is consistent with everyone is the importance of moisturizing after you swim! Whether you are swimming in chlorine, fresh water, or salt water, moisturizing is so important! I have tried several leave in conditioners and homemade leave in conditioners in the past and finally found a recipe that I think is ideal for swimming (or really any time!)

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Leave in conditioner is great for a number of reasons. Obviously it is giving your hair more moisture, but it also is a great detangler. Having a spray leave in conditioner helps to distribute the product, without it being too heavy, too! 

To make your own spray leave in conditioner (and detangler) you need…

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1/2 Tablespoon Vitamin E oil

1/2 Tablespoon Coconut Milk (boxed or canned)

5-7 drops Lavender oil

1/4 cup distilled water

Glass Spray Bottle

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Pour all of the ingredients into your glass spray bottle and mix it together. I just put the lid on and shake it up! Keep it in the fridge, as the coconut milk will stay good longer that way.

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After swim, ideally you would wash your hair to get the chemicals out and then you can spray this on when the hair is damp and then comb through it. If you can’t wash your hair right away, pack your leave in conditioner spray in your bag and spray your hair after you get out of the pool and brush through it. This will help keep your hair from being too damaged by leaving the chemicals sitting in your hair.

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This little bottle works like magic and it smells divine! I hope that you will use this recipe so that you (or your kids) can have happier, healthier hair this swim season!


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