Fall Striped Button Burlap Wreath

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Remember my Fall faux mantel? 
Well, my most favorite part of the vignette is definitely the wreath. It was so easy to make too! Unfortunately, I didn’t take step by step pictures so you will have to use your IMAGINATION (insert a rainbow and Spongebob here for all of you who know what I am talking about).
Creating this gem was super simple. To make one of your own, you need…
Burlap garland or burlap cut into strips.
Paint in different colors
Painter’s tape
Paint Brushes
Glue Gun and hot glue
First, you need to wrap your wreath in burlap. Wrap it around and glue it in place when it is all covered. Tape off sections to paint different color blocks. Mine were all about 3 inches wide on the center part of the wreath. Paint each of the colors until you have every color you desire on your wreath. Hot glue different buttons on one section of your wreath. I used buttons that were the same colors of the painted sections of my wreath. I just glued and glued until I liked how they looked all bunched together.
And BAM! You are done. Pretty easy right? Sometimes the most simple things turn out to be our favorites. 
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Fall Faux Mantel

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I love Fall decor. The colors are a nice, warm contrast to the cool crisp air outside. I made some changes to my faux mantel to go from Halloween to Fall and I sort of am in love with it! I love that you can keep a few pieces from Halloween to kind of transition from from one holiday to the next. 
I put my book page pumpkin next to the cute little owl I found at Target and a few old pumpkin decorations that I had. I found the little owl at the dollar store and sprayed him white. I wrapped the back of my door in faux wood wrapping paper and topped it off with my new Autumn wreath. 
Did you decorate for Fall?
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Falling Leaves Door Decor Tutorial

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I am excited to share the newest addition to my Fall decor with you today, my door hanger. Not only is it so easy, but it is inexpensive too! You can’t go wrong with that.
You will need…
8 felt leaf place mats (I found mine at the dollar store!)
Burlap garland or ribbon
Ribbon (this will be hidden)
Hot glue or Tacky Glue
Spray starch
Flat iron
You are probably thinking, a flat iron?! Yes! I didn’t want the leaves to be totally flat against the door, so I decided to give them a little dimension. Just spray some starch on each of the leaves. Curl the edges of the leaves with your flat iron, by clamping down and curving the flat iron as you pull towards the edges.
Lay out your leaves how you want them to be and glue them together. I used hot glue because my door hanger isn’t actually outside. If it is going to be outside, I recommend using something like Tacky Glue.
Put a ribbon through the top of the leaves. I poked a hole in one, and laced the ribbon through the center slit on another leaf. Tie the ribbon in the back. This is how it will hang up on your door.
Make a giant bow out of your burlap ribbon or garland and glue it to the top of your leaves.
Hang it up and enjoy! I know that there are a lot of people out there who are celebrating Christmas early and putting up their Christmas decor right now, but I just can’t do it! I love Fall decor too much! Do you have Fall at your house or are you decorating for Christmas already?

Give Thanks Board Decor

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This post was originally written for Expressions Vinyl last year, but I wanted to share it with you too!
After taking down my Halloween decorations, I realized that I didn’t really have many decorations for the Fall. I needed something to remind me about Thanksgiving and that I have a lot to be grateful for. That is when I made this!

To make your very own, you will need…
Beige, Light Brown, and Nut Brown vinyl
Transfer tape
Silhouette or Cricut Expression using Sure Cuts a Lot 2
12 inch Styrofoam wreath
 12×14 inch board painted dark brown
leaf garland
12 inch brown satin ribbon
hot glue gun
light brown fabric

    Cut fabric into strips and wrap around your wreath. Put a dot of glue on the wreath every other time you wrap the fabric around.
    Cut the leaves off of your garland.
    Glue leaves on your wreath, overlapping your leaves and mixing up the colors.
    Cut out maple leaves using Sure Cuts a Lot or your Silhouette. If you have a Cricut, you NEED Sure Cuts a Lot. It allows you to cut any image you want! Cut your leaves out on the Nut Brown and Light Brown vinyl. I cut out about ten 2 inch leaves, five 1 inch leaves, and four 4 inch leaves on each color.
    Peel off vinyl and stick it to your brown piece of wood. I wanted it to look like leaves were just randomly falling, so I placed them randomly, mixing the colors and angles.
    Wrap ribbon around the top of your wreath and hot glue to the back of your board, allowing your ribbon to hang over the top of the board. Leave 3-4 inches on the bottom of the board under your wreath.
    Cut out the words “give thanks” on the Beige vinyl measuring about 3×11. I used the font Cafe Rojo. Using transfer tape, put the words on the bottom of your board.
    Now you are ready to either hang it up somewhere or place on an easel.
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    Summer Mantel

    Ahh! I can’t even tell you how excited I am that I can now do vignettes on a mantle! I have never had a mantle, until just recently, BUT that is for another post coming up!

    Could you just die over how cute it is? I know Summer doesn’t officially start for a while, but Dave is done with school THIS WEEK!
    I started the mantle by making the wreath. I started wrapping the wreath with the electric blue fabric, then I ran out! So, I finished wrapping it in hot pink fabric. I made lots of felt flowers and added some houndstooth ribbon to the ends.
    I was most excited to add the wood pendants to it that I bought from Pick Your Plum a while back. I painted them, added some vinyl to it, and hung them up with some baker’s twine!
    I picked up some cork topped jars at a yard sale and added some ribbon in one and some vintage straws in the other one. I had a cream soda and looked down at the bottle and realized how stinkin’ cute it was. I sprayed it green and added a little washi tape to it!
    I got this lamp a long time ago and I was so excited to get some use out of it! I had to washi it a little bit first though. I added a vintage mason jar, my owl friend I am totally in love with, and a painted this frame I got at a yard sale to finish it off!
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