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Calling all moms! Hospital bag checklist!

As things start to get closer (possibly closer than I had originally anticipated, I have decided that I should think about what to pack in a hospital bag. I found a checklist online on Planning Family. This is what they said…

For labor:

Insurance info and identification
Hair ties
Any props you plan to use during labor (photos/birthing ball/etc.)
Socks and a comfortable nursing bra for under your gown

For recovery:


  • You can easily wear the hospital gowns, which provide access for nursing and for the nurses to check your healing. If you want to bring your own, consider whether you will have easy access for nursing. You also want to think about whether it will be comfortable to wear over a c-section incision or if it will allow easy access for the nurses to check your vaginal area after a delivery.


  • The hospital will have disposable undies and pads. If you want a specific brand you should bring your own. You won’t be able to use tampons for at least 6 weeks after giving birth.

Nursing pillow
Laptop/telephone/whatever you need to spread the good news!

For baby:

Clothes to wear home (You can wear what you arrived in – it’ll still fit!)

  • The hospital generally provides shirts, diapers, and hats for baby while they are there.

Knit caps
Car seat
Blanket, depending on the weather outside

What do YOU say? What should I add or take away from this list? Any tips would be great!

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Amanda (Stitch To Stitch)

Friday 30th of December 2011

Definitely slippers! Especially this time of year when the weather is nasty. If it's snowing, visitors will track in snow/salt from the parking lots. I had them mop my floors like twice a day last year.

Cheap flip flops too if you want something to shower in.

I agree with the robe. I always wear the hospital gowns but have had 2 c-sections. Make sure to bring chargers for your camera, phones, laptops.

Bring a nursing bra if you have one, but don't be surprised if it doesn't fit! If your milk comes in when you're still in the hospital you might need someone to go get you a bigger one.

Make sure to have lotion and lip balm. The hospital air is super dry.

Nail clippers for baby are a good thing too. Their nails are long and super sharp at first.

Good luck! I've delivered at both Mountain View and EIRMC and had good experiences at both places. And sorry about the bed rest. It totally stinks! Fingers crossed Harper stays put until much closer to your due date.

M. Jorgensen

Saturday 24th of December 2011

Slippers! Haha I didn't have any, and I had to walk around in my bare feet...gross! So i'll totally be packing those this time round. And a wrobe like stac said. And wear something super comfy and a little loose to the hospital, if your planning on wearing it home because everythings a little tender post baby for a few days. Oh and either a fully charged camera, or bring thr charger with you! We seriously took a million and one pics! Good luck my friend! I hope harper decided she isn't ready to come just yet. It scares me! I can't wait to see pics of how pretty she is!

Stacie Couch

Friday 23rd of December 2011

I third the nipple shield! I didn't get one at the hospital, or for a few weeks after actually, and I wish I had it sooner! It really saved my sanity and some pain once I had it. Also, you may want a robe in case you walk around and don't want people to see your bum through the hospital gown. I didn't bother wearing other clothes or pjs while I was there until I went home. The gown was so convenient for when the nurses check you and you may bleed all over everything (TMI I know). I would bring a nursing sleep bra or a sports bra too. And snacks for your hubby since you probably can't eat until after delivery. This is all really fresh on my mind haha.

Trevor and Shaylise Bowen

Friday 23rd of December 2011

Definitely bring your own pillow! And I agree, get a nipple shield. Those suckers saved my life! I think they gave me 2 at the hospital and then I bought a couple after I got home. Also, I didn't do this when I has Noah, but I plan on it this baby, pack a little goodie bag with your hubby's favorite treats! It's a long time in the hospital and he with need something to keep him happy and busy! :)

Logan & Allie

Thursday 22nd of December 2011

If you plan on nursing, buy some "Nipple butter" from Walmart! It is much smoother than the stuff the hospital will give you for those first few days of nursing. The hospital gave me the Lasinoh brand cream and it was just too thick to rub on to my sensitive "parts" (sorry if that is more than you wanted to know!). I'm not sure of the brand, I just know that it is called "Nipple butter" and I just bought a tube at Walmart. Also, I bought a Medela nursing shield and it was awesome! I will be packing these in my hospital bag this time and I thought you might want to look into it too. Good luck on your last few weeks of pregnancy. I can't wait to see pictures of sweet little Harper!