The #BeGlamChallenge Is Finally Here!

I just sent out my first #BeGlamChallenge newsletter this morning! Since this is a brand new thing, I wanted to give you the rundown here as well in case you missed it. This will only be happening this month, so if you want to continue to be part of the #BeGlamChallenge, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter! They will come at the beginning of each month and will have all of the details for the challenge each month. They are prompts to help you better yourself and really push yourself to grow. I am SO excited about it! You can subscribe here or by filling out the form on the top of the screen.

I can’t describe how thrilled I am to be back! The newsletters are going to (FINALLY!) be something that I have been dreaming of doing for years. I have always wanted this to be a special space that is unique to the blog or my other social media outlets. I have wanted to really create a sense of community within my newsletter and it is finally the right time to do that. Over the past year, I have really tried to work on who I am as and individual.

Girl Loves Glam Newsletter Details

I would give myself prompts each month that would help me develop as a better person. I wanted to share them, but wanted to wait for just the right moment to do that. That time is finally here! I am excited to bring to you, Be Glam Challenge! Each month, I will have a different prompt that will help your life be a little more “glam” in some way. When you participate in the challenge, you can share it on social media using the hashtag #BeGlamChallenge and you will be entered to win that month’s prize! Each time you share, you will get an entry. I just want a way to reward those of you who participate in the challenge.

Be Glam Challenge

See Beauty and Speak It

I decided to take the challenge to be more complimentary, like she was. I noticed that when I was looking for positive things, the world seemed more positive. Sometimes, I would compliment a stranger on their shoes and other times I would let my husband know how much I appreciated him taking the garbage out. They weren’t big things, but when I saw beauty, I spoke it and it was beautiful. Imagine what the world would be like if we all looked for beauty and spoke it? That is what I hope to do (in a smaller scale) with this challenge.

See Beauty and Speak It Challenge

For the challenge, you can print off a sheet each week to help you keep a record of the ways that you saw beauty and spoke it each day. I highly recommend sharing a few on social media. It can help spread the message (and get you entered to win the prize at the end).

See Beauty and Speak It Challenge. Track How You compliment others.

Get the free worksheet HERE
You can also print off this fun quote as a reminder to constantly look for beauty and speak it!

See Beauty and Speak It Printable

Get the free printable HERE

Don’t forget, when you participate in the challenge, share it on social media using the hashtag #BeGlamChallenge and you will be entered to win that month’s prize! Each time you share, you will get an entry.

Now, who is going to be joining in the #BeGlamChallenge this month? Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to continue to participate in challenges like this throughout the year!


  1. Chelle Chapman says

    This is an AWESOME idea!! I DO ‘Speak Beauty” every day!! If I see someone wearing, speaking, choosing something I like, I tell them. I have NO Fear of letting others know what I like/don’t like. It always amazes me the look of pure joy when you tell someone their outfit, hair, boots-shoes, etc. was a GREAT choice this/that day. This sounds like a wonderful idea & will remind others to Speak up! IF YOU SEE BEAUTY, SAY SOMETHING!!! It’s a great confidence builder to confirm others choices!!! God Bless & Good Luck to ALL who choose to “See Beauty & Speak it”!!!

  2. Chelle Chapman says

    I seem to be having an issue getting the worksheet. Not sure if it is just me or if it is the link?

  3. Chelle Chapman says

    I got it now, thank you!!

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