Black and White Striped Halloween Wreath

It shouldn’t come as any surprise by now that I love stripes. I LOVE them! I have created a number of striped projects over the years, but the one that I keep coming back to are striped wreaths. I love them! I love having a different striped wreath for each season and holiday. It just feels right! This black and white striped Halloween wreath was meant to happen. Nothing screams Halloween to me more than classic black and white.

Black and White Striped Halloween Wreath

If you haven’t ever made a wreath before, don’t get too scared about making one. They are easy, fun, and typically cost a lot less to make than you have to pay for a finished wreath. [Read more…]

Modern Stripe Christmas Wreath

It is no secret that I love stripes. They are in the decor throughout my house, my closet is full of them, and I dress my kids in a lot of stripes. I mean, how can you NOT love a good stripe?! I few years ago, I made a floral stripe wreath that I still love to this day. I knew I needed to make a Christmas version of this wreath. I just really love how this modern stripe Christmas wreath turned out!

Modern Stripe Christmas Wreath on

This Christmas wreath is incredibly easy to make, too! I got all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby. This is what you will need to make your own… [Read more…]

Easy Stripe and Floral Wreath

If you follow me on Snapchat, you have seen that I am knee deep in decorating my office (finally)! Don’t worry, you will be seeing the whole thing soon. It is turning into my favorite space in my house, which means that I will probably be willing to get more work done! I wanted to make the perfect little wreath for my office and since I can’t seem to get enough of stripes and floral print together, I knew just what I wanted to do for my wreath.

Stripe and Floral Wreath Tutorial on [Read more…]

How to Create Perfect Stripes on Textured Walls

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape Brand Painter’s Tape for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have textured walls all over my house. With my love of stripes and geometric prints, creating those looks with paint can be next to impossible if I want them to be the perfect, fresh lines that look best. Thank goodness for FrogTape® Textured Surface! I painted stripes on my wall and they are seriously perfection.

Before, the wall was a dark brown and was just pretty boring and I knew it needed something more. I decided to add a gorgeous white/gray color to it to create stripes. As you can see, my walls are very textured.

I taped off the stripes I wanted with the FrogTape® and added the liquid to the edge of it.

Let the liquid dry for 15 minutes before painting. So the great thing about this system that FrogTape® has is that it has PaintBlock® Technology that is an absorbent polymer that reacts with paint and instantly gels to form a barrier that seals the edges of the tape. This textured surface liquid is used to push and seal the tape to the wall so that the paint can’t get between the wall and the tape at all.

Next, paint the stripes the desired colors.

Peel off the tape once the paint has dried and you now have a gorgeous striped wall!

I was curious to see how well this system worked so I decided to paint part of a stripe without the FrogTape® on it. Check out how badly the paint bled! Don’t worry, I went back and fixed it.

It is pretty amazing to see how well the FrogTape® works verses their competitor on textured walls.

Now I have a beautiful stripes on a very textured wall!

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