Snap Conference 2014 Recap and Video

Guys. I am literally dying. Okay, not literally. BUT… I am tired! I haven’t slept in days. But not the “I am stressed out of my mind” kind of not sleeping in days. This is different. This feeling is more like a “I am too old to stay up all night giggling like I am 12 years old again” kind of not sleeping. This feeling only happens one time of year and can only mean one thing. Snap Conference!

Snap Conference Recap Video 2014 on www.girllovesglam


There is nothing quite like learning until your head is about to explode while simultaneously laughing until you pee your pants. That pretty much sums up what Snap Conference is like for me.

Snap Conference Group Photo

When I started my blog, I had no idea that there were even other bloggers really out there. I started it so I could have something to do and somewhere to showcase what I was doing while Dave was student teaching. After post of mine went somewhat viral, I realized that I could take this whole blogging thing a little further and do it for real. That was when I learned about Snap Conference. It was 3 years ago and it was completely life changing.

Snap Conference 2014 recap

Because of that first conference, I met some of my very best friends. I was inspired to start a guild for the Idaho bloggers. I found the courage to try new things.

Home Depot Challenge Geometric Table

To say I have a soft spot for Snap Conference would be a serious understatement… It would be like saying that the season finale of Scandal was no big deal… or like saying that Jimmy Fallon is only kind of cute. Snap Conference literally changed my life and continues to change my life every year. I am asked a lot about how different blog conferences compare to each other. For me, it is an unfair question. Nowhere else can I find all of my closest, sweetest friends in one place, away from our kids while we learn how to make what we are passionate about even better.

My Sisters Suitcase Pumpkin and a Princess and Girl Loves Glam

Now I will get off my soapbox and let you watch this week’s installment of YouTube Monday! It is a short one, but it is a goodie! See the highlights of Snap Conference. You may even see your favorite bloggers in there too!

SNAP Water Bottle Designs and GIVEAWAY!

A few weeks ago we got contacted by Expressions Vinyl to design a water bottle for them to give out to Snap Attendees at their booth.

and since we all our friends.

and we are competitive…

and all headed to SNAP Tomorrow!

We decided to have a little competition to see who’s water bottle was the favorite!!!

water bottle2

Here’s the choices:

Number 1 : Mandy from sugar bee crafts:


Number 2 : Mckenzie from Girl loves glam

unnamed (27)

Number 3: Ashley from Simply Designing

unnamed (24)

Number 4: Kimbo from a girl and a glue gun

unnamed kim's

Enter here to tell us which water bottle is your favorite and to be entered in to win the winning water bottle (AND cause Expressions Vinyl loves you) a $50 gift certificate to their store! (that’s a whole lotta vinyl!)

So, you better vote for me! If you will be at Snap, go to the Expressions Vinyl booth and choose one of these designs for yourself! The peeps at Expressions Vinyl have cut out each of these designs and have water bottles ready for you to put them on and make them beautiful. Make sure to choose mine and enter our giveaway too! Vote for me!

Water Bottle Design by Girl Loves Glam for Snap conference

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Crap I learned at Snap

If you missed the previous days of Blog Conference Prep Week, check them out here, here, and here!

Blog Conference Prep Week on www.girllovesglam #blog #conference #tips

Last year, Snap Conference changed my life. It was a repeat offender this year too. I am totally blown away by the amount of work that has gone into planning Snap each year and the amount of knowledge I somehow cram into my brain in a matter of 3 days. What is the most amazing part about it though, is the friendships and connections that I make each year! These people are INCREDIBLE! They think just like I do and live the same, sometimes bazaar life that I do.

Crap I learned at Snap. Lessons learned that aren't crap at all from #snapconf #blog

There will probably be a bit of picture overload, but I just HAVE to share them all with you! Visit these blogs too! I promise you will come across some serious gems out there! From the photo above… Top Left: Crystal from A Pumpkin and a Princess, Me, Natalie from My Sister’s Suitcase, and Allison from Cupcake Diaries. Top Right: Aly from Entirely Eventful, Elyse, Kristen, and Camille from Six Sister’s Stuff, Courtney is also known as the 7th sister and has a blog of her own that I don’t know the url for yet, Holly and Nat from My Sister’s Suitcase, Aleisha from Call me Mama Leisha, me, and Cobi from Peace from 6 Pieces. Bottom Left: Aleisha and me. Bottom right: me and Staci from The Potter’s Place.

Now for a few things I learned from the classes (I learned a ton more than this, but this is a VERY condensed version)…

Google+: Google+ is amazing! It is really easy to connect with people on there through Google Hangouts (like Skype) that can be private or broadcasted live. When sharing on G+ DO NOT hit the email to friends option because it annoys your friends! Communities can be great ways to connect with readers.

Pinterest: The eye craves negative space. Carefully stage photos. Pin in the morning and at night. Engage in the Pinterest community. Pin only the best pictures.

Monetization: Take clutter off sidebars. Make sure to backfill ads. Stay in contact with networks. Design your blog around ads to integrate them in.

Collaborating with brands: You don’t always need to get paid in real money. Always be sure the brand fits. Be authentic always! Have a media kit. Read contracts you sign. Deliver the goods!

Branding: Decide who you are. Be consistant. Be relatable. Work with your designer. Define yourself.

Instagram: Make people feel something. Share the good, the bad, and even the ugly. Practice makes perfect! Create hashtags. Interact with people on Instagram. Do contests.

Virtual Assistants: Decide what you need help with. Let go of 3-4 things at first. Ask friends for recommendations. Ask for references. Know what you can afford. Be bossy.

Poppyseed Projects: Photo texture cream is the bomb.


Just when my mind felt like I couldn’t stuff any more information into it, I got to know some of the greatest people on earth who taught me even more! I learned a little more about Photoshop, Pinterest, etc. Most of all, I learned how to enjoy myself and not stress out about life. I got to stay up late with the giggles and talk about everything from makeup to eating too much fiber (ok we won’t go too much into that conversation…)

Snap Conference 2013 image via Kristen Duke Photography

Crystal, Kristen, Holly, me, and Nat picture via Kristen Duke

I got to participate in a Lowe’s challenge where we got to make whatever we wanted with the tools we were given. It took a lot of problem solving (picture a bunch of girls in cardigans trying to hammer in screws because we had no other option at the moment) and a whole lot of teamwork, but we created some fun outdoor porch decor that I totally would have used at my own house! It helps that I had the greatest team ever. Holly of My Sister’s Suitcase, Me, Katie of Sweet Rose Studio, Jamie of The Crafting Chicks, and Whitney of A Mommy’s Life with a Touch of Yellow.

Lowe's Challenge Snap Team

All I’ve gotta say is, I can’t wait for next year!

Snap Goodness

Bloggers in these photos who aren’t mentioned earlier… Shelley of The House of Smiths, Mandy of Sugar Bee Crafts, and Jen of Eighteen25.

How to create AWESOME business cards for your blog

I just got back from Snap Conference. It was epic! I think something that a lot of people don’t realize, is the amount of prep work that goes into getting things ready to go before leaving to go to a blog conference. That is why I am making this week…

Blog Conference Prep Week on www.girllovesglam #blog #conference #tips

I am dedicating an entire week to telling you all about the things that I am sure to do before going to blog conferences. Today is all about creating that business card! I get a new business card design every year right before I go to Snap Conference so that I can evolve a little bit and change a few things each year. I want you to know a few tips to creating the perfect business cards for your own blog too!

How to create AWESOME business cards for your blog on #blog #conference #prep

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DIY Blog Conference Bag

This tutorial is about a year old. That is why the pictures in it are pretty nasty, but with Snap conference coming up, I thought it would be appropriate to share it! I wrote it originally for the Expressions Vinyl blog. This bag was a huge hit at Snap last year and I am making a different one for this year! I am still working on the design, but I will post all about it after I go to Snap! If you are coming to Snap, make yourself a bag! It is a great way to brand yourself!

Easy tutorial to turn a free ugly bag into a bag to advertise yourself! #diy #tutorial #blog

How many doctor’s offices have you been to that give you a free bag filled with advertisements that you probably won’t ever use? I just recently had a baby and got my fair share of these bags that I didn’t quite know what to do with. I couldn’t really throw a perfectly useful bag away, so I decided to give it a little facelift.

I had the opportunity of going to the Snap! Blogger Conference last month and wanted a way to showcase my blog name without having to talk to every, single person. Putting my name on a bag was the perfect way to do this! To make your own personalized bag you will need…

*Canvas tote

*Iron on vinyl (2 colors)

*Mulit use paper

*Cricut using Sure Cuts a Lot or Silhouette



First, you will want to measure your bag to see how large your background vinyl piece needs to be.

Go on your cutting program and create the background piece that you want. I wanted my website to be shown too so I put that in there too. Be sure to make the text flipped before cutting it out though. Having the vinyl cut out this way, will make it so the color of your bag shows through the holes that the text will be cut.

Now you wantto peel off the vinyl from your letters and iron your vinyl onto your bag. The vinyl is a little harder to get to stick to the canvas, so be sure to press really hard and to let it sit a little longer than you typically would for other materials.

Your bag will now have your background piece on it.

I have a heart in my logo and I wanted to have my logo look the same on my bag that it does on my blog. Because the bag had it’s own logo on it, I couldn’t have the heart cut out of the background, so I cut it out of felt and hot glued it onto my vinyl.

Now you want to cut out your letters for your bag. I made sure to measure how large I could have them on the background, then typed them in, flipped them, then cut it out.

Cut your vinyl words apart and lay them out where you will want them to be.

Be sure to use the multi use paper when ironing over the hot glued piece so that you don’t get hot glue on your iron.

One by one, iron your words where you want them to be.

I added felt flowers to give it a little flair and now I have a unique, personalized bag that is both stylish and totally affordable!

Easy tutorial to make a bag to promote your blog via #diy #tutorial #project

I will be linking to these great link parties here.