How to start running

If you have followed my story for a while, you may remember when I first started running about 2 years ago.

How to Start Running

I had NEVER, ever been a runner before. In fact, I would have full on asthma attacks when I would try to run. I just classified myself as a “non runner” and moved on. Then one day I just decided to try jogging a little. I would jog until I couldn’t jog anymore and then walk, then jog again. This would only be about 1-2 miles and I had to take lots of walking breaks. Eventually, I worked my way up to my very first 5k that happened on my 27th birthday. [Read more…]

Race Bib and Medal Display

Last June, I ran my first 5k. It may not seem like much to many runners out there, but it was a huge deal to me. I grew up battling asthma and always had a mental block when it came to running because I was afraid I would have an asthma attack. I overcame a lot to be able to run that first race and was able to run a few more 5k races and even a 10k! I have saved all of my race bibs and medals, but they have just been taking up space on a shelf in my closet. I wanted a way to display them without them taking up too much space, so I came up with this beautiful race bib and medal display!

Race Bib and Medal Display on

I love that I have a place to put my race bibs and medals now! It didn’t take long to put together at all which is a major bonus!

Here is what you need to make one. [Read more…]

Workout Favorites VIDEO

Workout Favorite Products Video 

My Workout Favorites on

If you follow me on basically any form of social media, you have been able to see the health journey that I have taken on this year. This spring, I started running. I learned a lot! During all of this, I have developed some favorite products to use for working out that I have had a lot of questions about. Instead of answering a million questions, I decided to put all of my workout favorites in one place so there can be one resource of my workout favorites. [Read more…]

Striving for Personal Development

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I feel like I have been on a journey of self development for years. It has had its ups and downs, but I feel like I have accomplished a lot because I have set goals and strive to make myself a little better each day. Like I said, I have definitely experienced failures in my journey of self development, but I have learned a lot because of those failures. One part of my self development that I have been trying to focus on for the past year has been my health. I don’t consider myself an unhealthy person, but I have definitely had some unhealthy habits I am still trying to battle and have been able to create some healthy habits as well!

Last summer, I tried going on a few jogs. It was the first time I had ever really gone for a run that wasn’t part of some sort of team practice. It was really hard. It was so hard for me that I gave up pretty quickly. I couldn’t see why anyone would want to go for a jog if they didn’t absolutely have to. This spring, I started going for light jogs to clear my head at night. I would run on and off for about 1-2 miles. I slowly was able to run for longer periods of time and I saw something pretty amazing happening to my body. My lungs were getting stronger! I suffered from asthma as a teenager and have had asthmatic episodes through my adult life as well. That has been one of my many excuses not to run, but my body was getting strong enough to overcome that. It felt good! I started running three times a week and finally got to the point where I could run three miles without having to stop and walk. I decided to sign up for a 5K that happened on my birthday. Although I didn’t get to sleep in on my birthday, there was no better way that I could think of than to start my 27th year as someone who was dedicated to becoming healthy.

First 5K on

After meeting my goal of running a 5K, [Read more…]