Living Room Makeover REVEAL!

You’ve seen the paint color, the gallery wall, the furniture, the triangle art wall, the functional decor, and the pictures that I am using in my living room but you haven’t seen how they all come together yet. Well, I am happy to say (or sing, rather)…

Da, da, da, don. Da, da, da, da, don. Da, da, da, don. Da, da, da, da, don, da, don, da, da, don, da, da, don, don, don, DA, DON, DA, DA, DA, DA DON….

It’s the final countdown people.

It is finally time for the moment you have all been waiting for… My living room makeover reveal!

Because I know you would rather see pictures than listen to anymore of my singing, I will grant you your wishes to see the reveal very soon. But first, let’s take a little trip back in time. So let’s all put on our puffy vests and hop in my DeLorean for a little trip back in time to see what my living room used to look like.

Living Room Before Makeover

Living Room Before

Blehhhhh. That’s all I have to say about that. Dark and boring. Besides the giant picture of my family, it looked like someone else lived in my house. There wasn’t anything about the design that I felt really represented who we are as a family. I am happy to report that isn’t the case anymore. Are you ready to see the reveal?

Mocern Living Room Makeover on #homedecor

BAM! Miracles really do happen. With the relatively small budget that I had to work with, I was able to transform the space into a place where I feel like truly represents my family. It all started with a can of Sherwin Williams paint that instantly brightened up my space. My love of Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice color runs deep to my very core!

Modern and functional living room on #homedecor

Because my house is fairly small, our living room is the only space that can house our dog kennel. I tried really hard to find another space for the giant kennel we have for our tiny dog, but I just couldn’t do it. I do feel like having so many fun details all around the room kind of keeps your attention enough to make you forget about the giant black metal elephant in the room. I got the yellow rug from on their Black Friday sale. You HAVE to shop that sale for the best deals on rugs. I got this puppy for 70% off with free shipping!

Bright Living Room Makeover on #homedecor

I love the little pop that my triangle art wall brings to the room and the artwork that I was able to display. I chose not to replace every piece of furniture I owned because it just wasn’t in the budget, so I kept my TV stand for now. For now, it works. When it gets warmer outside, that will most likely either turn a different color, or be replaced entirely. P.S. See the kitchen peeking through the doorway? That’s one of my next projects!

Bright living room decor and beautiful couch on #homedecor

Oh the couches. How I love my couches. They might as well be members of my family. I love them that much. Shout out to DownEast Home for having killer prices and awesome taste in furniture design. Pillows are from Groopdealz and the black and gold pillows are Nate Berkus for Target.

Modern shelf decor and living room makeover on #homedecor

It was so fun to finally pull out all of the random crap that has been sitting around in my garage forever. I loved decorating this space.

Modern Living Room Design

Living Room Makeover Details

Curtains are from They added the perfect amount of pattern without taking away from any other element of the room. The best part? They are really inexpensive!

Living Room Curtains

The curvy frames are from Cut it Out. They are the best to get because they can be totally customized to how you want them! I love the shapes of these frames and the colors I chose to paint them. I feel like they really bring the color scheme to life.

Cut it Out Gallery Wall Details

Simple and Funky Gallery Wall

How to decorate with quotes and pictures

Modern bright home decor

Well, there you have it! A gorgeous room. I now look forward to spending time in there.

Mocern Living Room Makeover on #homedecor

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Gallery Wall

Geometric Triangle Art Wall


Functional Decor

Decorating with Pictures and Quotes

Thank you so much for all of your excitement about my living room makeover! It really does mean the world to know that people actually care about this and get as excited about my house as I do! You guys are seriously the bomb. If I haven’t told you that lately, you are. Thanks again for believing in me and for supporting this blog of mine.


Decorating with Pictures and Quotes

I am so excited to be joining my friend Kristen for her series “Decorating with Pictures” that she has done all month long. It is fabulous! If you have missed out on any of the posts, be sure to check out the whole series HERE.

Decorating with Pictures February Series

Because I have been knee deep in my living room makeover, I felt like talking about the pictures in my living room makeover would be the perfect way to participate in Kristen’s series. What I really want to show you guys, is how I have displayed quotes with my family photos and why I have chosen to do that.

Displaying quotes with pictures

I have always been a lover of quotes and uplifting sayings. I love what a sweet saying can do to brighten up my day. Because I knew that I would be taking on the challenge of brightening up my entire room with this makeover, I also knew I wanted to brighten up the feeling it brought too. I decided that bringing quotes and happy sayings into the decor would do just the trick.

Awesomesauce sign from Salty Bison. Find them on Instagram!

How to decorate with quotes and pictures

To me, there is no better place to display an uplifting quote, than right next two photos of the people who I love the most. I think that it helps set a happy mood for the entire room and is a great reminder to keep a good attitude. Find the free printable Family Proclamation HERE.

Living Room Makeover Details

I didn’t want to have total overkill on the quotes and sayings though, so I was sure to have a few areas that I just displayed our family photo with some decor too.

Modern bright home decor

But overall, I just wanted to be sure that my living room was a happy place. I wanted simple reminders around the room to remind us of our faith, our family, and to just be happy. I feel like adding these quotes with our family pictures did just that!

To find great religious quotes that I used, check out this blog HERE. All of these great curvy frames are from Cut it Out. Be sure to check out the amazing frames they have available too!

Come back on Friday to see the official living room reveal!

7 Tips to Beautiful Family Pictures

Hey Girl Loves Glam readers!  I’m Courtney from Fry Sauce and Grits!  I’m really excited to be here today!  McKenzie and I have become kindred spirit friends and I love her blog because it’s as fabulous and glam as McKenzie is!  
Are you planning on getting family pictures taken this holiday or will be in the future?  If you’re like me, getting pictures taken can be really stressful.  I’m going to share with you seven tips that have become really helpful for my small family and I in making sure our experience is stress free because, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”
7 Tips to Beautiful Family Pictures from
There’s a lot that goes into family photos: picking out outfits, making sure hair and makeup look good, finding a photographer, and that all family members are in happy spirits.  Making sure all of these things are in order can cause a lot of stress and this stress can show up in your photos.  Then whenever you look at those photos on your wall you’re reminded of how crappy and stressful that experience was.  Ugh.
SO to avoid all of that, here are some tips I’ve found to be really helpful for my family:
1. Find a photographer you trust and understands your style 
While I was growing up my family always had a neighbor across the street who was an aspiring photographer, and she would take our pictures every year.  She wouldn’t take any payment because she did it out of the kindness of her heart.  I look back at those pictures and cringe at how awful they are.  Just because your photographer has a nice camera doesn’t mean that they know how to use it.  Just make sure if you do go this route, ask to see some of their work beforehand.
I’m a frugal person because I have to be and I can’t afford an expensive photographer.  Sometimes the more expensive the photographers are doesn’t mean they’re going to be the best ones for you.  You have to jive or have a connection with your photographer.  If your personalities don’t really mesh it can cause your experience to go sour.  Plus, every photographer has a certain style, make sure their style and how they capture people is what you like too.  If you have no idea what the heck you want, I’d recommend you to start a Pinterest board of all of the family photos that you like and that will give you an idea of what you’re looking for when it comes to your pictures.  When you find a photographer you like, send them the url to your board so you two can discuss what you’re looking for and seeing if it’s a good match.
I’ve felt really lucky because my favorite photographer I’ve used is super affordable.  I think what makes her my favorite is because I grew up with her and we’ve had a long friendship.  For those who live in Utah, her name is McKell and is an extraordinary photographer.  I love her laid back and natural approach to photography.  She gives off this chill vibe that really makes you feel at ease.  She’s all about capturing the real side of people and I think that’s what really drew me to her photography.  She’s such a sweetheart.  You can learn more about her and her photography at McKell Morgan Photography.
Ok, so what if you’re not lucky enough to have an awesome friend who’s a fabulous photographer?  I recommend you to ask your friends on Facebook, Instagram, or any kind of social media.  You could also check out your family, friends, and neighbors family pictures and if you find one you really like, ask them if they liked their photographer and get feedback.  Just remember to do your research on that photographer before you contact them to see if you’re a good match for their style and price.
2. Look your thinnest by wearing dark clothing, heels, angle your body, and use good posture
When I say, “wear dark clothing,” this doesn’t mean you have to show up looking like a goth.  Darker clothes are more flattering on people’s bodies than light colored, thin, and bold patterned prints are.  If you’re into stripes, be careful to which direction they run. If you have a small chest or hips, wearing horizontal stripes will make enhance them.  If you want to minimize your chest or hips, go for vertical stripes because they will elongate your body.  Who doesn’t want to look taller?  Also, wear clothing that is comfortable and avoid wearing something that you’re constantly going to be tugging at or adjusting.
One of my favorite beauty bloggers, Maskcara does a great job showing how light and thin clothing can make you look heavier and by wearing dark clothing can make you look thinner.  Check out the post here.
Pictures taken of people head on are some of least flattering pictures.  To avoid this, slightly angle your body by either crossing one leg over the other, bending one leg and pointing it out.  Another way to look your thinnest is to avoid flattening your arms against your sides and legs together. To get perfect posture, stand up straight, stick your chest and neck out a bit.Here’s some great examples of how the combination of wearing dark pieces, posture, and angles can make everyone look their thinnest!
What to wear for family pictures from
how to pose for family pictures from
How to look thin in your family pictures from
3. Wear your makeup heavier
It’s so important to wear enough makeup on your face when you take pictures.  If you don’t wear a lot of makeup, make sure you have enough color on your lips, cheeks, and eyes.  My sister Melanie who is a makeup artist wrote this awesome article about how to get the perfect makeup for brides, but this can apply to getting pictures taken too.
Some other thoughts: Apply makeup in natural light, avoid shimmery or glittery makeup, go for more matte, apply a second or third coat of mascara, line the eyes of eyeliner, and don’t forget to put on extra blush and a colored lipstick or gloss.  I always bring my makeup bag with me to the photo shoot just in case I need a touch up.  Bring your lipstick or gloss in your pocket while your getting your pictures taken so you can quickly add some color to your lips after you do any kissing pictures.  Melanie recommends this in her post too, but my best trick for getting to smudge free and perfect looking makeup is wearing a foundation primer.  One last tip, learn how to highlight and contour your face, check out this tutorial on MaskCara! This foundation primer from Smashbox is my favorite and it’s oil free!
Smashbox Oil Free Foundation Primer
4. Get your beauty rest and do something active that day
Duh! This is no brainer, if you get enough sleep you will have the stamina and energy to look your best for your pictures.  I find when I do something active that morning or afternoon of the pictures, I feel better and I look better. Go on a hike, a walk, rollerblade, play with your kids, do housework, go to the gym, ride a bike, just get up and move!
Try to schedule your picture appointment around your kids naps. Well rested kids are happy kids.
5. Eat well, drink your water, and bring extra snacks 
If you eat well that day you’ll feel good inside. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF!  I did this before and let’s just say it was a disaster.  I was yawning, I had dark circles underneath my eyes, and had zero energy.  Pretty much I looked like a zombie.
If you have small kids make sure to bring some snack and drinks so you can keep everyone hydrated and something in their stomachs.  After the pictures are taken, go treat yourself and your family!  You deserve it!
6. Don’t parent the kids, don’t get caught up in the small things, and don’t strive for perfection
I asked McKell what tips she has for a smooth and stress free photo shoot and these are her thoughts.
Lower your expectations! (Not your expectations with your photographer, just your kids). This may be true in a lot of situations involving children. You just got to go with the flow.  
Don’t yell at your kids! It makes the kids unhappy and you frazzled. Just doesn’t make for a happy situation. Bring some snacks and some water, it is okay to take a few breaks during a session.

Recently I photographed my own family (While that is difficult on many levels being behind and in front of the camera) I understand the stress of wanting those perfect photos. You just got to let. it. go. 

For me as a photographer, I want to capture you interacting with each other. I want to see you playing and snuggling. When that happens the smiles will come. And that is what families are about. Not perfectly posed photos but REAL ones. 
7. Don’t match, coordinate
When you’re picking out what everyone in your family is going to wear for your photos, strive for coordinating, not matching. When I was deciding what our family was going to wear I didn’t have any extra money in our budget to go buy new clothes.  So I went into each of our closets and picked articles of clothing I liked.  I did the same for Amelia and McKay.  I found there was a common theme going on: white, black, brown, patterns, and a hint of pink.
The three of us are wearing different patterns in our pictures, but not one of them is overpowering because I kept them all in the same color group.
I’m happy that I only spend $3.99 on Amelia’s black turtleneck I got on clearance at Baby Gap, and that was the only thing I had to purchase for our pictures.  Try to use what you have, this will prevent the extra stress of having to purchase new clothes for everyone.
I hope these tips help you to have a stress free experience the next time you get your family pictures taken.  They’ve really helped my family and I.
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Free printed photos from your phone!

I’m so excited to tell you about this awesome app I was just able to try out! It is called Free Prints. It is an app that is available in the App Store, Android Market, Google Play, and Windows Store. There is no excuse not to try it because it is available for nearly every phone on the market. You can also find it on The cool part about it, is that you can get 85 free 4×6 photos a month! You can access your photos straight from your phone so it makes it quick and easy. You just pay shipping, but that isn’t much at all. They also offer different sizes too if you are willing to pay a little for them. they started printing square images too that are perfect for Instagram photos. I am really impressed with the quality of color and how nice the free prints are that I got!

Free Prints App

Free Prints is owned by a company called Photo Affections who sells custom photo products too. Each time you order prints from Free Prints, your photos are automatically uploaded onto your Photo Affections account so it is easy to make various photo products on their site too! I chose to have one of our new family photos printed onto a canvas done by Photo Affections.

Canvas from Photo Affections

Isn’t it gorgeous?! I wish you could see the finish on the photo a little better, but it is beautiful! It almost has a pearly finish to it so it looks so professional and SO great! I highly recommend ordering from them! I love that I can get pictures printed for free now!

I was given these products to review for this post, but was not otherwise compensated. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.