How I plan to set New Year’s Resolutions

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I am a believer in goal setting. I like striving for things that I put my mind to. I am not always very good at setting the right types of goals though. Sometimes I set the bar too high and I am disappointed when I don’t reach that goal or other times I don’t set the bar high enough. I think the most important part is that I am actually setting the goals. It doesn’t really matter if I am perfect at setting the goals, I am just glad that I am actually setting them.

I have been in the beginning stages of setting 2017 goals for myself and for my business. I love the prospect that each new year brings when setting goals. There is a fresh start and I can work to achieve the goals I set, without having to dwell on what I did or didn’t do the previous year. There is going to be a lot of change for our family in 2017. The first major change will be happening right after the new year when baby sister comes. One goal that I have set is to be more prepared for her birth than I was for the first. The first time, we were caught by complete surprise when my water broke at 36 weeks. I didn’t have a hospital bag packed, we barely had a crib set up, and we were pretty naive about pretty much everything. I am working to be more prepared this time around so that all of history doesn’t have to repeat itself.

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My 2016 Goals Video

Oh my goodness, friends! I can’t even begin to express how excited I am to be back. It seems like it has been nearly a century since I have been in my regular blogging schedule. I just want to thank each and every one of you for your kind messages regarding our family’s struggle. I read every one of your comments, emails, etc and truly was touched by your stories and your support in my choice to take a blogging breather. I was so excited to come to you with this post last week, only to have a total buzzkill when my site was down on and off for 5 days. After getting my blog all fixed, transferred to a new server, and several Coke Zero’s later… I am BACK!

I know that I am a little late in the game to be talking about setting goals for the new year, but I want my goals this year to really matter. I think it is important to share your goals as a way to work to achieve them, so even though it isn’t January 1st, I want you to know all about them.

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