Chalkboard Folding Chair Makeover

Today, I am sharing a really simple tutorial to help you take your boring old folding chairs from drab to totally fab!

Chalkboard Folding Chair Makeover on! Never use a place card again! Write everyone's names on the chair they are sitting on! #diy #tutorial

What a better way to makeover a folding chair than to paint it a bright, fun color, right? Well, there is a better way! Adding a little chalkboard paint to it takes it one step further into awesome town. Here’s what you need to make your own…

*Folding Chair

*Spray paint

*Clear Chalkboard Coating Paint


Spray painted folding chair

First, spray paint your chair whatever color you want it to be. It might take 2 coats depending on how dark the color is. Be sure it is a paint that can be used on metal.

Clear Chalkboard Coating Paint

Now for the good part! Paint the Clear Chalkboard Coating paint on the backrest part of the chair. Paint the front and the back of the chair. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle. Paint 3-4 coats of this on, waiting an hour between each coat.

Chalkboard Backed Chair that can be used as a way to let people know where to sit.

After the paint has cured, you can write on it just like a chalkboard! You can use it to write people’s names on it to mark their spots for a BBQ or a party!

Chair with chalkboard back

You can write the name on both sides of the chair so that their spots are easy to find too!

Chalkboard backed folding chair

When you aren’t entertaining guests, you can draw fun designs on your chairs to bring more color and design to your decor! Aren’t they so fun? I am going to be looking for more chairs at garage sales to add to my chalkboard folding chair collection!

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DIY Faux Chalkboard Art

Easy Faux Chalkboard Art at #diy #tutorial #art

I love the look of chalkboard art, but I have a few problems with it. One, I have terrible handwriting and I don’t like how chalkboards look when I write on them. Two, I don’t like having chalk dust all over the place around chalkboards. And three, I don’t want the art to wipe off if someone rubs into it. I decided to make an alternative that gives a similar look. It also ended up being less expensive for me than a big chalkboard too. I made faux chalkboard art instead!

Curvy Frame DIY Faux Chalkboard Art at #diy #tutorial #art

To make your own you need…

*Picture frame (mine is from Michaels and I just painted it yellow)

*Black butcher paper

*White vinyl

*Vinyl cutter

vinyl chalkboard art on #art #chalkboard #decal

Choose a quote that you love. Using different fonts and shapes, design your quote to look like fancy chalkboard art. Cut it out on your white vinyl so that it will fit in your picture frame.

Faux chalkboard art on #art #diy #chalkboard

Stick the vinyl to your black paper. Tape the black paper to the back of your picture frame.

Easy Faux Chalkboard Art at #diy #tutorial #art

Now hang it up and enjoy!

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