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Spring Cleaning Highlights

This year is my first time ever Spring Cleaning my own place. Now before you start judging me, thinking I am a total grossy, last year was the first Spring in an actual house of my own. We had moved in in January and I did all of the house scrubbing then so I didn’t really need to do it again in March. Before that, we were in apartments and you can basically “Spring Clean” in an afternoon in an apartment.

My Spring cleaning list is crazy long and maybe a little over the top, but it is feeling awesome to get things crossed off of my list!

I got the blankets, comforters, and sheets on every bed in the house washed.


I got my unorganized medicine basket, organized. I am in LOVE with it now. Here is before.


It was out of control and had a lot of expired medicine in it. I threw out the old stuff and organized the rest in categories of what the medicine was used for.


Now it is all in the basket, sitting pretty.


I scrubbed my baseboards, doors, switches, and vents.


The Melamagic cleaner I used to do it is AMAZING! Not only does it smell fantastic and cleans very well, but it is safe for my home and the environment.

I also wiped down my ceiling fans. I hate ceiling fans, but without AC in our house, they are a must. Check out this nasty rag from after this job! Ewww.


I cleaned out all of our closets and got rid of TONS of things. The laundry room counter got piled up full of treasures that needed to be hauled to the garage.


I got that all taken care of tonight. I am starting to feel like I am making major progress. Dave cleaned the window seals and swept out the garage, and I dusted the house behind every nook and cranny. I still have to do a few “regular chores” like sweep, mop, vacuum, clean bathrooms, etc. and then it is back to the last of the Spring cleaning like organizing the bathroom drawers, and cleaning up my craft area, then I can get back to my real life! What kind of crazy things do you have on your Spring Cleaning lists?

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Thursday 19th of July 2012

Wow. That's a lot of cleaning.. I also organize my medicines and label it.