Rosette Pumpkin Pillow {Tutorial}

Remember how I told you I was pulling out all of my Halloween decor? Well, I did. Then I realized I am throwing a party on Saturday. I want party decor. Not Halloween decor. Therefore, my Halloween stuff is sitting on the table, waiting for Saturday to be over. I had another realization. I never showed you my super cute pillow either. I looooove it dearly. 
To make one of your own, you need…
Pillow- I got mine on clearance at Ross
1 yard of orange fabric
Large RicRac- This just depends on how long your stem is
Glue Gun
Rotary cutter
Either make your pillow, or buy your pillow. I cut the ugly button off of the center of mine.
Cut several strips of fabric. Mine were 2 inches wide. I cut them all the way across and then cut a few in half and in fourths so that I would have a few different sizes of rosettes.
This part is a little scary, because you realize just how many rosettes you are about to make. Luckily, they are easy to make while watching some good clean celebrity gossip shows.
I know that there are pretty much a million tutorials out there on how to make a rolled rosette, so I won’t totally bore you. If you know how to make them, skip this wordy step. For those of you who don’t… (Step 1) Lay your strip of fabric with the pattern or colored side down. (Step 2) Fold over one side and glue as you go. (Step 3) Fold over the other side and glue. This makes it so only the colored part of the fabric will show up as you roll. (Step 4) Fold one end of your strip, making a triangle shape. (Step 5) Hold the triangle piece and start twisting your long strip. (Step 6) Put a little dot of glue on the “center” of your flower, and place the twisted fabric on top. (Step 7) Repeat this over and over again until you are out of fabric. (Step 8) When you get to the end, fold the end of the fabric over on the back, and glue it in place. You are DONE! 

Make lots of rolled roses! I think my pillow has close to 40 of these suckers. Be sure to make them in different sizes. It makes it easier to create a pumpkin shape. Put them on the pillow, but don’t glue them.
Create a pumpkin shape with all of your rosettes. Don’t glue them down yet though.
Take your ricrac and see how long you want your stem to be. Keep in mind that your ricrac will be folded in half too so make it twice as long as you want your stem to be.
Place your stem where you want it to be on your pillow and glue it in place.
Now it is really time to get glue happy. I thought it was easier to glue the outside rosettes first and work my way in. Use the larger ones first so that the smaller ones can go where you have holes. 
Glue all of your rosettes onto the pillow. 
Go back through and be sure to glue down any spots that the rosettes may be sticking up a little bit. 
Done! Isn’t it the cutest? I love that it instantly brings a taste of Fall into the room. The other great thing, is that it doesn’t look too Halloween. I can keep it up all season.
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  1. I love the look of that, especially the ric rac stem!

  2. This turned out so cute! I love the little ric rac stem too 🙂 Really, really darling. Love ya!

  3. Cool pillow! Thanks for a great tutorial.


  4. Love this! Super cute. 🙂

  5. Love it! Super cute. 🙂

  6. 🙂

  7. Sooo cute! Thanks so much for linking up to Do Something Crafty Friday!

  8. This is fantastic!! I love it. I hope you will link up to my Wickedly Creative Halloween Ideas Party.

  9. This is awesome! I love it! I found you from The 36th Avenue FB page – what a great way to discover new blogs.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  10. Love the idea, its fantastic! I will have to try it too

  11. Oh my goodness! I am so happy that you left your link on my FB page. You should link this project to my party. Girl I am featuring it next week if you do. LOVE it!

    I am your newest follower.

  12. It is too cute to wait… I am sharing it on my FB page and I am pinning!

  13. Love it!! The little rosettes make a perfect pumpkin!! Great job!

  14. Absolutely amazing and cute!!!! Love it!!!! Thanks for sharing!The most sweet pumpkin I saw!
    Have a look at my blog I’ll be so glad.

    Hugs from Portugal

    Ana Love Craft

  15. OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!!! Girl, I love making those fabric flower rosettes, and am always trying to figure out what I can glue them to. HA HA! (Confession: I may have glued them to my oven mitts! HA HA!) I am going to make this adorable pillow. I can’t wait! And I think I already have the orange fabric on hand.

    Goodness, I’m sorry it has taken me a while to visit your blog and to start following you! I’m following you via GFC and FB! (And i hope you know I am your biggest fan! HA HA!) Meeting you has been the highlight of my week and my month and my life. You are such a sweetheart and a doll and I think we are meant to be friends! I love you like crazy, honey! Happy Sunday!

  16. I love rosettes, so this is an absolutely adorable idea!

  17. this is so cute. just love it 🙂

  18. Really, really cute and great tutorial! I love it! Oh, and I hope you have a fabulous party!



  19. Love your darling pillow cute girl. I featured it on facebook.

  20. I’m hosting an It’s Fall Y’all ~ Linky Party. I would love for you to share this, and any other Fall projects you have! Hope to see you there 🙂

  21. Aww how cute!!! What a fun idea, and it looks so adorable and festive! Love it!

  22. Thank you so much for linking up to the party. I am featuring you tomorrow…♥

  23. very stunning and modern! love it! 🙂

  24. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Adorable!

  26. Love this….just the right amount of oomph! I would love for you to share these at my weekly linky party at

    I hope to see you there and have a wonderful week! mb

  27. ADORABLE!!!

  28. sew sweet vintage says

    Cute!!!!! Gotta make one:) I posted Vintage Chenille Pumpkin to this party:) Following your blog now. Follow me too I’m a newbie, if you have a minute like me on facebook too:)

  29. Really cute pillow, I like your site too!

  30. you can make all different types of fruit including apples and pears


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