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Jeep vs. Concrete Wall

The concrete wall won.
At the moment, we are living at my grandparents house while they are in Yuma, AZ soaking up the sun. Dave and I have been carpooling to Idaho Falls everday that I work so that we can save on gas money. I am so glad that we carpooled this morning. The roads were the slickest that I have ever seen. I was in the passenger seat holding our little puppy, Sadie. We hit a really slick patch of ice and slid off the road. We were heading right towards either a telephone pole and a concrete box for irrigation pumps. Luckily, we hit the concrete box. The telephone pole could have done much worse.
We weren’t hurt seriously, but it really puts things into perspective. I have such an incredible husband. He threw his arm out to try to keep me from being hurt. In the process he hurt his other wrist. My mom and dad were lifesavers coming right to our rescue and driving us around all day today. The sweet lady named Jennifer that let Sadie and I come into her house and stay warm until the police officer and tow truck came. The insurance agent, doctors, coworkers, Dave’s students, and everyone else that helped us out today. We are so lucky that we are safe. We are driving a rental car until our Jeep is fixed. Days like today really remind me what is important in life. 
Things that I am greatful for…
My husband
Sadie puppy
Mom and Dad
Carson and Payton (the bros)
Police officers
Kind residents of this city
Car insurance
My Heavenly Father
Jesus Christ
Take a moment and think of what you are greatful for.
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