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Fall Striped Button Burlap Wreath

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Remember my Fall faux mantel? 
Well, my most favorite part of the vignette is definitely the wreath. It was so easy to make too! Unfortunately, I didn’t take step by step pictures so you will have to use your IMAGINATION (insert a rainbow and Spongebob here for all of you who know what I am talking about).
Creating this gem was super simple. To make one of your own, you need…
Burlap garland or burlap cut into strips.
Paint in different colors
Painter’s tape
Paint Brushes
Glue Gun and hot glue
First, you need to wrap your wreath in burlap. Wrap it around and glue it in place when it is all covered. Tape off sections to paint different color blocks. Mine were all about 3 inches wide on the center part of the wreath. Paint each of the colors until you have every color you desire on your wreath. Hot glue different buttons on one section of your wreath. I used buttons that were the same colors of the painted sections of my wreath. I just glued and glued until I liked how they looked all bunched together.
And BAM! You are done. Pretty easy right? Sometimes the most simple things turn out to be our favorites. 
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