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Don’t take your days for granted

Sunday morning was a wake up call for us. Dave woke up at 6 am to feed Harper and got very sick. He was either hovering over, or sitting on the potty all morning. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I sent a text message to my dad who was at church with a few doctors. I had him ask them if I should take Dave to an urgent care. He was vomiting blood. They said to take him there to be sure he wasn’t dehydrated. We packed up our diaper bag and headed to the urgent care. My mom met us there so she could take Harper. As soon as the people at the urgent care heard how sick Dave was, they sent us the the ER.

That was not where we expected to be on a Sunday afternoon at all! When the nurse took Dave’s vitals, she discovered that he was extremely dehydrated. She thought that he had been sick for days, not hours. They hooked him up to some IV’s for fluid, pain, and nausea, and we waited. And waited. And waited. Finally at 1 am (12 hours later) he was admitted into the hospital. Luckily, my dad was able to go to our house, get our dog, and some of our belongings so that we could have a “sleepover”.

It was really difficult to leave Dave at the hospital, but I had to stay at my parents’ house in order to take care of Harper. I was really blessed to have my mom there to help me take care of Harper’s feedings so I could get a little sleep.

Monday and Tuesday went by without much change. Dave was about to get tested for Meningitis, but the doctor just didn’t feel like we should. He really felt like it was a GI virus and it would pass with one more night. Well, the good news is that it did! It was really hard to have Dave in the hospital from Sunday-Wednesday, but I am glad that he got the care that he needed.

I feel like sometimes I take my days for granted. I have an awesome husband who loves, me my daughter, my doggie, and does so much to help and provide for our family. Dave had a moment of realization when he went 2 full days without seeing Harper. Now that he is home, he still isn’t able to hold her. DSCN4544

He was so happy to see her though. He hasn’t taken her screams, cries, or squeals for granted.


He stays a safe distance, but wants to remember every moment he has with Harper.


These experiences remind me that I need to take the time to appreciate these moments of my sweet baby discovering the world and to discover it myself just as she does.


Enjoy the little things.

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Alli @ Cupcake Diaries

Thursday 15th of March 2012

Oh I just feel awful that you guys went through that this week! It's so scary going through things like that. But you're right, these experiences are eye-openers. Thanks for the reminder not to take things for granted!