I’ll Get You, My Pretty Halloween Printable and Giveaway!

I am excited to share a fun little group that I am in! I am in a monthly crafting group with some CRAZY talented women! Each month, we have a theme and we have to create something around that theme. I have been a slacker and haven’t participated in the group until this month. I am excited to start it up with them! Check out these amazing projects from all of them!

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Designing, Dining, and Diapers | Four Marrs, One Venus | Smart School House | 52 Mantels | Bombshell Bling | That’s What Che Said | Sweet C’s Designs | Crazy Little Projects | Girl Loves Glam | Giggles Galore | The Cards We Drew | Dimple Prints

I love the Wizard of Oz. Honestly, I love how totally weird it is. I love the underlying values that it teaches. I love it all. I wanted to bring a little Wizard of Oz into my Halloween decor because that Wicked Witch of the West is one sassy lady! She has some really awesome quotes too. Including the ever famous, “I’ll get you, my pretty and that little dog too!” I knew I wanted to bring that into my decor. I love the simplicity of this print and the little, faded witch hat too.

Wizard of Oz inspired Halloween Free Printable on www.girllovesglam.com #decor #halloween #picture

This printable is for personal use only! You can get it here.

Now for the other fun part… The folks at Martha Stewart wanted to get in on the fun Halloween action and share their most recent Halloween magazine, a pumpkin witch’s cauldron tutorial AND….an AWESOME giveaway of Martha Stewart Halloween crafts!

MS Halloween 2013 - cover image



Tools & Materials

• large pumpkin

• keyhole saw or serrated knife

• fleshing tool

• drill

• sisal rope

• 3 eyebolts, with washers and nuts

• 3 long, straight branches

• 20-gauge wire

• S hook

• outdoor stake light (with yellow or orange bulb)

• twigs

• sturdy glass bowl

• dry ice and protective gloves

  1. Cut top off pumpkin, using saw.
  2. Hollow out pumpkin with fleshing tool.
  3. Drill 3 equidistant holes about 2 inches below opening.
  4. Cut 3 lengths of rope to hang pumpkin.
  5. Tie 1 end of each rope to an eyebolt.
  6. Push eyebolts through holes in pumpkin; secure with washers and nuts.
  7. Prop branches in a tepee shape, and secure at top with wire; thread wire inside top to hang S hook.
  8. Hide visible wire with rope. Knot pumpkin’s rope ends together, and hang from S hook.
  9. For “fire”: Insert stake light into the ground, and cover it with twigs. For “mist”: Put glass bowl with dry ice inside pumpkin; add some water. (Wear gloves when handling dry ice.)


Keyhole saw,from $5.50; natural sisal rope (65495), 3/8 inches by 50 feet, $9; eyebolt with nut, 1/4 by 4 inches, $0.50; cut washer, 1/4 inches, $2.50 for 25, homedepot.com. fleshing tool, $4.50, ceramicsupplyinc.com. Panacea 20-gauge paddle wire in Green, $3.50, createforless.com. Thomas and Betts stake light, $8, amazon.com. dry ice, dryicedirectory.com for locations.


Photo by Lucas Allen. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Halloween Special Issue. Copyright ©2013.

THE BEST PART?! Now we’re giving away some AWESOME BOO-TIFUL Martha Stewart Halloween goodies! Enter to win all the goodies in the image below simply by following these amazing blogs below via Pinterest. Enter in Rafflecopter to win!

The Great Martha Halloween Craft Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Halloween Sounds Free Printables

I am so excited to be part of the Cupcake Diaries Halloween series that is going on!

There have been some really fun ideas shared in the series that you really should check out. I will have a link to the posts at the bottom of this post if you want to catch up on what you have missed!
Today, I am sharing a few fun little printables that I made for my Halloween decor this year…
Halloween Sounds Free Printable on www.girllovesglam.com #halloween #decor #print
They are simple, but enough to make a fun little statement in your decor. On a side note, my husband thinks it is funny that the “boo” printable says “boob” when the two words are together. If your husband is more mature than mine, you might get away with using it in your house!
*All printables are for personal use only!*
Boo Free Printable #halloween #decor
Get your “Boo” free printable HERE.
Hiss Free Printable #decor #halloween
Get your “Hiss” free printable HERE.
Eek Free Printable #halloween #decor
Get your “Eek” free printable HERE.
Halloween Sounds Printables on www.girllovesglam.com #decor #diy #free
Don’t forget to check out the rest of the posts in the 30 Days of Halloween series!

Teacher Appreciation Free Printable Frozen Yogurt Tag

My husband is a 6th grade teacher. It is always interesting to see what gifts he receives from students for the various holidays throughout the year. I have asked him several times what his favorite types of gifts are to receive from students. His answer? Gift cards! He loves getting gift cards because it is a way that he can treat himself to things he wouldn’t normally get to treat himself to. I love it when they are also gift cards that involve me coming along for date night. One gift card he got for Christmas was for frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf. I think I was more excited about the gift card than he was! I love Orange Leaf!

With as many self serve frozen yogurt shops there are now, I thought that making a free printable tag to go along with a froyo gift card would be perfect! It would make a great gift for your teacher or anyone else who has worked hard and deserves a little treat for themselves (or their wife!).

Teacher Appreciation Frozen Yogurt Free Printable on www.girllovesglam.com

Adding a printable to a gift card is a really simple way to really show that you care and are willing to go a little extra mile to make their day special.

Teacher Appreciation Fro Yo gift card printable

To get the free printable, just go here.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Frozen Yogurt Gift Card Printable on www.girllovesglam.com

Now go show your teachers some appreciation!

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Blog Post Writing Checklist Free Printable!

I was sick and tired of trying to remember everything that I wanted to do for each blog post that I wrote! There is so much that goes into a blog post that I don’t think that most readers realize! There is making the project, taking the photos, editing the photos, writing the post, amping up the post, and sharing the post and frankly, sometimes it is easy to forget what you have and haven’t done for each post. I decided to ask some of my blogging besties what they would want in a checklist for each blog post and they had some great suggestions! I took those suggestions and created blog post writing checklist that is free for you to print out and use for yourself too!
Remember, my free printables are for personal use only! Just right click on the picture and save it to your computer! You can also go grab it from the Google Doc here.

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Isn’t it pretty?! Now to talk details… There are sections for before, during, and after the blog post is written. Before, you need to take specific pictures of your project/subject. You also need to edit those photos and add watermarks to them. You should also be researching what SEO keywords to use while naming your photos and what SEO keywords to use in your blog post. During your post, you need to truncate (if you do that), add a name to the photos, add “no follow” links on paid posts, label you post, add keywords, check for typos, and link back to any similar posts that you have done in the past. As for after your post, you need to add the pin it button if you don’t already have it, share on social media outlets, share with brands that would be interested, link up to link parties, and share with feature sites. I left open spots to name the specific feature sites you want to share with.
I was sure to leave plenty of open space so that you can really personalize this list for your blog. Obviously we all have different blogs so some feature sites are better for some people, while others are better for other people and some bloggers may need to do more before, during, and after the blog post. It is made for you to customize! I hope this can help you as much as it helps me!

I am linking this to these great link parties here!

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I Love You Like Printable Valentine Cards

When I was looking for a card to buy Dave for Valentine’s Day, I didn’t see many that I liked. When I did find one that I sort of liked, I would turn it around to see the price and I wanted to fall on the floor at the thoughts of spending $5 on a Valentine’s Day card. I decided to make Dave and Harper Valentine’s Day cards that I actually liked.
I love you like printable valentine cards

I wanted to use the concept from the phrase, “I love you like a fat kid loves cake” and bring it to life in a valentine. For kids, I made a cute little option. For the adults, I made a more “colorful” option. I wouldn’t recommend giving a child a valentine that talks about strippers. I made printable ones for you to use for the valentine’s in your life! 
I love you like printable child valentine
I thought it would be fun to throw a few silly ones in there that kids might think are funny. I made a boy and a girl option too. These aren’t just for kids either. If you have an adult that wouldn’t appreciate the humor of the adult options, this is a great card for them too! To make your own, just right click on the photo and save it to your computer. Open it up in a program like Microsoft Publisher to size it and print it off. These are all for personal use only!
I love you like printable boy valentine
I love you like printable girl valentine
For the adult crowd, I made a different option. Not that it is horribly bad. I had to weed through a few very “colorful” options before finding phrases that were funny, but not gross or overly offensive. 
I love you like printable adult valentine
Just right click on the photo to save it to your computer and open it up in a program similar to Microsoft Publisher to size it to whatever size you want your card to be. These are for personal use only. I have a man and a woman option too.
I love you like printable woman valentine
I love you like printable man valentine
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so get those valentines ready to go!
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Valentine Decor and Free Printable

I am really happy with how my Valentine’s Day decor turned out!
valentine mantel
 I was planning on going with just the typical red, pink, and white decor. Then, I saw my houndstooth Duck tape. Plans changed. I am so glad I added the black accents. 
valentine vignette
I have had the wreath for a few years. My mom and I made them and I still love it! I was excited to add a few of our engagement and wedding pictures to really add the love vibes. I go the red wire basket, the foam hearts, and the little white bowl from Target. 
valentine's day printable
One of my favorite songs used to be “I Love You Always Forever”. I was probably 10 when it came out, but I always remember loving that song. I thought it would be fitting to make a printable inspired by that song. I accented it with my globe that I got for Christmas because the next line in the song says “Near or far, closer together” and I thought the globe was fitting.
valentine free printable
This printable is for personal use only. Just right click on the image and save it to your computer to print.
valentine's day decor
I decided to try out the washi tape banner trend that I have seen all over the place. I love how they turned out. I made my duck tape heart banner that I am basically obsessed with too. 
valentine decor
Now I am definitely feeling the love! 
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One Year Old Birthday Party Highlights!

I feel like I did a pretty good job of not going totally overboard on the birthday party I hosted last week. I love seeing pictures of some of the sometimes outrageous birthday parties that kids have, but I decided that for us, this year, we would go somewhat simple. I am so glad I did! Not only was I excited with how it all looked, but I didn’t spend hours slaving away for the party and I didn’t feel like everything had to be perfect all of the time during the party! Here are a few pictures from the big day…
birthday printable
I made an easy printable by typing up the Birthday Song and using different fonts for each line.
birthday banner
I was excited that I got to use my no sew birthday banner again too!
birthday paper streamers
 These paper streamers were SO easy to make. I used this tutorial to make them.
 Don’t mind the leftover Christmas candy, but it was a good way to get rid of some of it! I still love my balloon wreath so much. It was worth the pain and time! 
I printed off pictures from each month of the first year and put them up on the mirror. It was really fun to laugh with the party goers about when Harper’s high calorie formula really started to kick in.
I made my “Let’s Party” banner a while ago and never made a tutorial for it. It is made from wooden banner pieces that I bought from Pick Your Plum. I love it because I can put it up for any type of party!

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Christmas Faux Mantel Vignette & Free Printable

This year for my Christmas decor, I decided to take a chance and go with some not so traditional colors. There are a lot of them, so brace yourself! They are Mint, Navy, Charcoal, Gold, Red, and White. Yummy, huh? I think that when I told people that these were my colors, they were a little thrown off and sometimes it had me a little worried. Once it all came together, I can honestly say I am SO glad I went with some trendy colors instead of traditional. The great part about doing these colors, is I brought in the more trendy colors with pieces that can easily be removed next year. 
 Isn’t it just so fun? Let’s look at the details a little more closely shall we?
On the bottom, I have a few of our old Christmas pictures from years past, my bronze statue of Christ, a mason jar full of ornaments, and a few painted pine cones.
Moving up a shelf, we have another old Christmas picture, my dollar store owl I painted, a jar full of pine cones and ornaments, a bead covered tree cone, and my newest printable! I am a huge fan of herringbone right now and I really wanted to bring in that pattern into my decor. Feel free to print your own, but please only use it for personal use and give credit when used online.
Lastly, we have the top shelf. This is where all of the elements seem to come together. The felt snowflake garland and felt snowflake place mat came from Pier One after Christmas last year. The red tree cones were hand me down decorations from my mom. 
The wreath was SO easy to make and I love the finished result. It is even in my new favorite metallic color, gilver! If any of you have ever watched The Rachel Zoe Project, you know exactly what color I am talking about. It is a pretty combination of gold and silver. I love it because it matches everything. I wrapped a Styrofoam wreath in burlap, then glued sprigs from a gilver floral bunch I found at JoAnn’s Fabric.
I loved being able to use my vintage blue mason jar. This is actually the perfect mint color too! I filled it up with red and charcoal colored ornaments. I made a mint ruffled tree cone with the same basic technique I used while making my No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt, SO easy!
Painting the pine cones was a great way to bring in some natural elements into the decor and to bring in little splashes of color too. This is a great way to bring in more trendy colors that probably won’t be part of my decor next year because it is easy and inexpensive. I have been really into glitter this year too so I glittered up a gold tree cone too!
How do you think it call came together? What are the colors of your Christmas decor this year?
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Christmas Candy Drum Neighbor Gift + Free Printable

I am excited to be participating in the My Sister’s Suitcase 12 Days of Christmas! There have been some really incredible projects that have represented each of the 12 days.
 I am the closer for the game so I got to create a project inspired by 12 Drummer’s Drumming! Although I can’t sing or play any instrument for the life of me, I can really appreciate music, especially Christmas music. I decided to create a neighbor gift inspired by the 12 Drummer’s Drumming.
 Neighbor gifts are so dang hard sometimes, but giving them a little Christmas drum filled with candy would be the perfect way to help your neighbors power through the holiday season. Here’s what you need to make your own…
*Paint can container (I found mine in the dollar section at Target)
*Glue Gun
First, take the handles off of your containers. They are now drums, not paint cans!
Cut your paper to the same height as your can. Stick the paper inside of your can to line it. Tape the ends of the paper together on the inside.
Put a little dot of hot glue on the can and put your ribbon on it. Do this on the top and the bottom of the can to create a zigzag design on the can. 
Go around 2 times so that your zigzags overlap and create an X pattern on your drum.
Fill your drums up with candy!
Print off the printable tag for your drums.
Glue the tag onto your drum, front and center.
Now you have a cute, inexpensive gift to share with your friends, neighbors, or coworkers that takes little time and effort. That is my kind of gifting! 
Go check out the other awesome projects that were inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas!    

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Always be kind {Free Printable}

I feel like it is time to finally address something that has been on my mind for quite some time now. There are kind people all over the world who do incredible things for others. With everything, there comes opposition. I have been trying much harder to be kind to others. There have been times in my life when I have been victim of bullying in person and on a computer screen. I know that this is something that many people experience. I think it is sad that being bullied in one way or another is considered common. 
Saying unkind things to someone in person, behind their back, or anonymously on a computer screen can forever change their lives and their feelings of who they are and their own personal worth. Who are we to make someone feel less than what their Father in Heaven feels for them? 
Lately, I feel like every time I read one of my favorite blogs, I see a comment that breaks my heart. It is usually from an anonymous account, and if you are a blogger, you know that usually an anonymous comment is typically either spam, or something hurtful. 
Can we all try a little harder to be kind to each other? Make others feel like they are of worth and that they have something to contribute. I made a printable page that I would love to share with all of you. I am putting mine somewhere that I will see it often. I think we all need the little reminder to be kind sometimes. When I am kind to others, I feel like people are generally more kind to me too. Please try to only say positive comments about people when speaking to others about them. 

This printable is for personal use only. If you use the image, please link back to this post. Thank you. 
This is taken from one of my favorite hymns. My mom used to sing it to me when I would argue with my brother. It is a healthy reminder and it brings a smile to my face when I remember my mom singing this hymn. I am going to be the first to admit, I have a hard time with all of these things. That is why I need the reminder. Don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be afraid to be kind.

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