Spring Style for the Family

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sponsored by Payless ShoeSource. All opinions are 100% mine.

This post is sponsored by Payless ShoeSource. All thoughts and opinions are my own. When I was growing up, I would get a new Easter outfit to wear each year. It was something I looked forward to every year. I knew that I wanted to continue that tradition for my own family and it has quickly become a favorite part of each year! I always am sure to shop smart and get items that we can wear all Spring season.

Family Easter Style

Buying new outfits for our family each year can become expensive, so we are sure to shop smart! [Read more…]

Fizzy Cotton Candy Bath Salts

As a mom, getting a few minutes alone in the bathtub truly is a treat. That is why I wanted to make bath salts that felt like I was literally bathing in one of my favorite treats, cotton candy!

Fizzy Cotton Candy Bath Salts on www.girllovesglam.com

These fizzy bath salts add color and personality to your bath, while making you feel like you just walked right into a candy store.

Here is what you will need to make your own… [Read more…]

Cotton Candy Easter Egg Bath Bomb Recipe

This time of year is a favorite for a lot of people. It is the time of year that stores carry Easter candy! Personally, I don’t discriminate between candy during any time of the year and enjoy Easter candy just as much as I enjoy Valentine’s Day candy, Halloween candy, or Christmas candy. I love candy! That is why I wanted this month’s bath bombs to smell just like that, cotton candy! This cotton candy Easter egg bath bomb recipe is really fun, festive, and will have your bath smelling like you just stepped foot into a candy store.

Cotton Candy Easter Egg Bath Bomb Recipe on www.girllovesglam.com

To make your own, you will need… [Read more…]

Forgiving as a Little Child

When I would read scriptures that referred to becoming like a little child, it understood what they were saying, but they took on a whole new meaning as a parent.

Before becoming a mom, I had plans of being the mom who didn’t ever raise her voice and always had a level head when her children were acting out. I think those are probably the ideals that most of us get when we dream of what our future with children will be like.

Forgiveness like the #PrinceofPeace on www.girllovesglam.com

Unfortunately, those ideals aren’t always a reality. Once I became a mom to a little girl who had opinions of her own, I realized that I am only human and can’t always be the ideal mom that I hoped of being. I make a lot of mistakes as a mom. [Read more…]

Easter Sunday Style: Toddler Edition

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. I loved growing up with the tradition of having a big Easter egg hunt with my cousins on the Saturday before Easter. I loved waking up on Easter morning to find goodies from the Easter bunny, getting in a fancy dress, and spending time at church that day. It has always held a special place in my heart for many reasons.

Toddler Easter Dress and Shoes on www.girllovesglam.com

It is fun to pass on some of these traditions to my daughter, now that I am a mother. I hope that one day she can look back and have sweet memories of the Easter holiday like I do. [Read more…]

Gold Glitter Wood Slice Spring Sign

I can’t even tell you how excited I am that it is finally Spring! Even though the weather in Idaho isn’t as happy and springlike as I would hope, I still enjoy adding some springtime charm to my house to make it feel bright and fresh. I knew I wanted to create a sign that also had some sort of natural element in it. I absolutely love wood grain so I chose to create a super cute Spring sign on a wood slice. Of course I needed to add some gold glam to it too!

Gold Glitter Wood Slice Spring Sign Tutorial

I am kind of obsessed with how it turned out. It is modern and fun! It was so easy to make too. Here is what you need to make your very own…

Spring Wood Sign Supplies

*Wood slice

*Vinyl (Just a scrap of vinyl will work because you won’t actually be using the vinyl for anything other than a stencil)

*Vinyl cutter

*Gold paint

*Gold glitter

*Glitter glue

Wood Sign Tutorial

First, cut out the word “Spring” out of vinyl and stick it onto the slice of wood.

Wood Slice Sign Tutorial

Paint over the vinyl and fan out slightly around the edges.

Gold Glitter Spring Sign

Spread glue around the edges of the gold paint and dump glitter on top of it. Spread the glitter out to make sure it covers all of the glue. Let the glue dry.

Spring Wooden Sign Tutorial

Peel off vinyl and scrape off excess glitter. You may even want to take a little sand paper to it to give it more of an ombre effect. I also went back and painted the gold paint on top of the glitter and fanned it out to blend it all together a little bit more.

DIY Gold Glitter Wood Slice Spring Sign

Find a spot on a shelf to display your pretty new sign! It fits right in!

Make sure to check out these great Spring tutorials from last year too!

Geometric Spring Art

Spring Wreath

Spring has Sprung Free Printable

I love teaming up with incredibly talented bloggers each month to bring you projects that are all centered around certain themes. It is always so fun to see what everyone comes up with! This month, our theme was Easter. I chose to make a cute “Spring has Sprung” printable. Be sure to print off a copy for yourself to add to your Spring decor and check out all of these other great projects too!

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I chose to make my printable springlike, but still very me. I didn’t want it overly “cute” so I stayed with my geometric prints that I am so very fond of.

Free Printable for Spring

You can get your free printable HERE. You can either download it, or right click on it and save it to your computer. This is for personal use only.

Spring has Sprung Printable

This print fits in perfectly with my other spring decor too! I love how it all came together.

15 Fantastic Easter Ideas

It is almost Easter! I have loved seeing so many creative ideas to help celebrate the holiday. What a better way to celebrate, than with a great round up of some of my favorites!
I am blown away with the amount of creativity that I have seen and I can’t wait to share them with you!
Handwritten Hard Boiled Eggs
Now for some of my own…
Now go visit these projects and get creating! Happy Easter!

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Dollar Store Tulip Doily Garland

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Words can’t express how excited I am for Spring! Seeing buds forming on the trees and witnessing the snow slowly melt warms my heart! I can’t wait to be able to see green grass and beautiful spring flowers blooming! Unfortunately, in Idaho, those flowers don’t bloom until May usually. SO, I had to find a way to bring Spring flowers into my house to brighten things up! I made a paper tulip doily garland!
#spring #easter #decor #tutorial
I love how it looks when the light from the window shines through it! This is such an easy way to bring color into your home this season! It is really inexpensive and it only takes about 10 minutes too! Can’t go wrong there. To make one of your own you need…
#diy #tutorial #spring #easter #decor
*tulip paper doilies found at the dollar store
*twine or thread
#diy #tutorial #spring #easter #decor
Thread the twine through the holes in the tulips. Be sure to space them apart as far as you want them to be.
#diy #tutorial #easter #craft #spring
Flip each of the tulip doilies over and tape them to the twine.
#diy #tutorial #easter #decor #spring
Hang up your garland and enjoy! I told you it was easy! I love how bright it makes the room feel!

Easter Pom Pom Garland Dollar Store Craft

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Remember my Springster decor? Ya know? My Spring and Easter decorations? I love how it all turned out. All of the little details came together to make it my most favorite holiday decor! One of the little details that I love is the pom pom garland!
#spring #decoration #craft #easter
The best part? It doesn’t cost much to make and it takes only a few minutes to make! Here is what you need…
#easter #spring #pom #garland #craft #decor
*Pom Poms from the dollar store
*Bakers twine or thread
#spring #easter #craft #kid #classroom
Thread the needle. Poke the needle through the center of the pom pom and pull it down the thread/twine. Repeat this step over and over again until your garland is long enough.
#spring #easter #decor #craft
Hang up the garland and be sure that each of your pom poms are evenly spaced apart.
#decor #spring #easter #craft
I loooove how it turned out! They took me about 5 minutes to make too. You can do this easily while your baby is napping and still have time to take a bubble bath!


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