How to make a simple infinity scarf

I saw this fabric and I KNEW I had to do something with it. It was the perfect, colorful tribal print. I knew it was perfect for a scarf (or two!)and the best part is, it was in the selvage section!
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You should all be shocked. I whipped out the sewing machine. This ISN’T a no sew tutorial! Don’t worry though. There are only two seams involved. To make an infinity scarf of your own, you need…

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* One yard of fabric
* sewing machine
* scissors
* rotary cutter and mat (optional)
* ruler
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First, you want to cut your fabric in half lengthwise so that each of your strips are each a yard long. This will give you your two scarves.
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With right sides together, fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Pin the edges together.
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Sew the edges together.
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Flip your tube right side out.
This is where it can get a tiny bit tricky. Fold your tube in half so your edges are by each other. Pin the right sides of the edges together. You won’t be able to pin the entire edge together because it goes around in a circle and you want to be able to get your sewing machine in there. Pin about 75% of it together.
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Sew along where you pinned the edges together. You will have one little hole left.
Flip the edges of your fabric right sides out and sew up the little hole on the edge.
Now you are done! SO easy, right?! I plan on busting a few more of these out when I find more fabric I can’t live without.
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