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Twitterpated: A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter GIVEAWAY!

I am a proud wife. Mr. Guymon just wrote his first eBook! It is called Twitterpated: A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter. Some of you may remember him from his Ultimate Twitter Guide post he did on here. 
I have read it his eBook, and I can honestly say that it is a great read! It is full of tips for beginners in the Twitter world. In just 4 short months, Dave has gotten 1,000 followers, taught a 2 day school district training on Twitter, and has been interviewed several times for various educational websites. He knows his stuff. As a school teacher, he isn’t able to really save up any of his money to buy anything for himself because every dollar he makes has to go towards paying our bills. With the sells of his eBook, he will be saving up to buy himself a computer. He SO deserves this. You should see what he has to do now. He uses a laptop with a broken screen and plugs it into our TV so that he can see what he is working on. He sits about 2 feet away from the TV (as long as the cord will let him) and sits on a bean bag chair. It would be such a blessing if he could sell enough books to get himself a computer! His book is only $4.99 and is a quick and easy read. If you are interested in Twitter at all, go buy it!
For one lucky reader, Dave is giving away a copy of his eBook! You have until Friday, 10/12 to enter!
Good luck everyone!

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Ali W.

Monday 8th of October 2012

This is so awesome! I love the title. This seems like something McKay would love! I am going to tell him about it!