How to Choose the Perfect Watermelon

How to Choose the Perfect Watermelon

Have you ever seen that viral video going around of the hippo eating the watermelons? I can totally relate to that hippo. I LOVE watermelon. My husband told me that he thinks that in our 8 years of marriage, I alone have eaten over 15 watermelons and he has only eaten about 2. What can I say? It is nature’s candy and I will partake! Over the years, I have learned a few tricks to choosing the perfect watermelon and I want to share these tips with you, as long as you don’t take all of the good ones away from me.

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Easy Retro Fruit Nail Art

Easy Retro Fruit Nail Art with Polka Dots. Super simple instructions to create your own watermelon and pineapple nail art on

Sometimes I see something and I am instantly inspired to create something similar. This wasn’t always the case when it came to nail art. I used to see different nail art techniques and was then inspired to do something similar with my own twist to it, but never really anything that was inspired by something that wasn’t already nail art. It wasn’t until I went to go get my nails done by a crazy talented girl I work with that I realized that you could be inspired by anything for nail art. She did my nails inspired by an adorable grouping of pillows she had seen. It blew. me. away.

Once I saw that, I realized I could be inspired by everything around me. This was totally the case when I saw this [Read more…]